Volume 11 – 2007

by Tomasz Gronczewski Simply known as ”King of Strafers” or ”Eager El”, Elwyn Guido Righetti was not only a top fighter ace of the 55th FG but a top strafing ace in Europe. Righetti joined 338th FS of the 55th FG in October 1944. He was 29 years old and he was experienced […]

Elwyn Righetti and his P-51

Mark’s Model Plane Miscellany by Mark Davies I have always liked flying boats, and whilst I do like a really elegant boat I can’t resist the more clunky looking ones (In fact I have a thing for aircraft subjects that could easily be flown by Dick Dastardly and Mutley in […]

Avia Beriev MBR-2

by Mark Davies The A.V.I.A. company (not be confused with the Czechoslovakian Avia) was founded by a well known Italian pilot, F Lombardi, in 1938. The FL.3 was a 2-seat touring plane powered by a Czech 45 hp Persy II engine, and was designed to meet an Italian Air Ministry […]

RS Models A.V.I.A. FL.3

Bang For the Buck Part II by Rafi Ben-Shahar In my never-ending search for good kits, I came upon the AmTech series of Curtiss P-40 Warhawks. This ubiquitous kit origins from Ertl and was once among the better games in town with respect to the 1/48 P-40 kits thanks to […]

AmTech Series of Curtiss P-40 Warhawks

An Afternoon Kit from Tamiya  by Anders Isaksson Like most modellers I was initially surprised to see Tamiya releasing a series of AFVs and softskins in 1/48th scale, together with figure sets and diorama equipment. All the more surprising was Tamiya’s decision to produce subjects that were not just scaled-down […]

Quarter-scale Citroën 11CV

Part 2: From Miles Magister to Supersonic M52 by Raúl Hrubisko   Back to 47 Miles of Scratchbuilding – Part 1: Modelling the History of the Miles Aircraft Company Enter the Magister Another very important sub-series in this collection was the Miles M14 Magister with eight models. The Magister was […]

47 Miles of Scratchbuilding – Part 2

Part 1: Modelling the History of the Miles Aircraft Company  by Raúl Hrubisko One of the most interesting British aircraft companies was born in 1932, designing and producing airplanes for fifteen intensive years only to collapse and vanish in September 1947. Two brothers, Frederick George Miles and George Both were […]

47 Miles of Scratchbuilding – Part 1

Part 2: Weathering and Diorama Base  by Frank Glackin Back to GMC Water Tank Truck – Part 1: Enjoying Italeri’s Oldie But Goodie All Kinds of Weather Weathering a model is more than just making it looking dirty and used. While the hobby’s peers have set the standards for building […]

GMC Water Tank Truck – Part 2

Part 1: Enjoying Italeri’s Oldie But Goodie by Frank Glackin One of the true workhorses of WWII, the GMC “CCKW” went into production in February 1941, and when the last rolled off the production line in August 1945, more than 500,000 had been made. Approximately 1167 were converted to water […]

GMC Water Tank Truck – Part 1

by Mark ”Kiwikitbasher” Davies The BH-3 was the first fighter produced by the Czechoslovakian AVIA company. It was a logical development of their earlier BH-1 and BH-2 sporting monoplanes. The prototype first flew in 1920 and was found to have an excellent rate of climb and very good manoeuvrability. This […]

Kopro Avia BH-3

by Mark ”Kiwikitbasher” Davies A Frog Trail Blazer Aviation record setting was all the rage in the 1930, particularly with various forms of increased nationalism on the rise throughout Europe. Altitudes of 50,000 feet were being approached by the early 1930’s, and in 1933 a specification for a plane to […]

Novo (ex-Frog) Bristol 138A

 text and photos by Magnus Fridsell The CR 42 came into Swedish service via Finland. During the winter war the Finish Air Force ordered a few CR 42 aircraft. They arrived too late to see service in the winter war and for some reason Finns sold them to the Swedish […]

Fiat CR 42 Falco (J 11) in Detail

1/35 Scale Diorama  by Maurice Moffett My modelling hobby started off many years ago with 1/72 scale aircraft models (remember the old Airfix Spitfire, Typhoon, Hurricane, etc.?), then touched on 1/76 scale military vehicles and OO/HO soldiers (Airfix again!), before finally settling on 54mm military miniatures and 1/35 scale AFVs. […]

“Bonjour Madame”

by Rafi Ben-Shahar Focke Wulf Fw 190 A, BMW 801 and ”Floating Structures” Adding after market detail sets increases tremendously the authentic appeal of plastic models. However, beyond the complexity involved in the additional building techniques, the incorporated components conflict with the existing plastic platform. Extra components tend to ”bloat” […]

Exposing Engines on Aircraft Models

by Mikael Östberg English translation by Martin Waligorski The Boeing P-26A is one of the immortal aircraft designs of the Golden Age. The first all-metal monoplane fighter to serve with the Air Corps, it was the forerunner of the things to come despite the externally-braced wings, an open cockpit and […]

1/32 Hasegawa P-26A Peashooter