Volume 5 – 2001

Model by Mikael Forslund Text and photos by Martin Waligorski With war raging in Europe, Sweden was eagerly looking for modern aircraft to strengthen its air defenses. In 1939, the Swedish government commission in the US approached Vultee in search for a modern fighter type for the Swedish Air Force. […]

Adventures into the Esoteric

by Martin Waligorski based on the discussion forum posting by Rickard Malmborg Modern kits built and painted as per instructions reflect the original in pristine condition. In contrast, real world objects most often show the effect of aging and weathering. For example, surfaces become bleached, tarnished, painted, scuffed, corroded, knicked, […]

Shading and Enhancing Panel Lines

No. 24 by Mats Hammar   ”…then the Germans landed their paratroops west of… Darling, are you listening?”     This article was originally published in IPMS Stockholm Magazine in February 2001.

Arne (the Model Builder)

by Frank Spahr Somehow I find all kinds of modelling subjects attractive, and ships are no exception. This is my Revell Trinity lighthouse ship. My modifications were limited to detail parts, which naturally were quite overscale in the kit. I replaced the kit railings, added some self-made oars and rigging. […]

Trinity Lighthouse Ship

A short presentation of the P-40 diorama by Anders Isaksson This is my diorama of a Curtiss P-40E Warhawk, situated somewhere in the Far East in 1943. With its engine panels removed the aircraft receives routine maintenance from two mechanics. Construction The P-40 is Revell’s old kit from in 1/32nd […]

Warhawk of the Far East

by Martin Waligorski The Wimpy The Wellington was the most important British bomber of the initial war period. Designed to meet the requirements of Air Ministry specification B.9/32, the prototype first flew in June 1936. Deliveries to RAF bomber squadrons began in 1939. Commonly named Wimpy by its crews (after […]

Vickers Wellington Mk. X in Detail

No. 23 by Mats Hammar     ”I never thought I would be studying cobblestone patterns before Arne started to scratchbuild his own.”     This article was originally published in IPMS Stockholm Magazine in January 2001.

Arne (the Model Builder)

Converting the Fw 190 D-9 to D-11 by Ingemar Caisander 1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw 190 D-11 The D-11 variant of the venerable Focke-Wulf 190 was designed as a much-improved low-level interceptor fighter refinement of the ”Langnasen Dora”, incorporating many of the features found on the powerful Ta 152. Based on rebuilt […]

Building the Late ’Dora’

by Robert Blaschke additional text by Martin Waligorski The ”Forgotten” Mig The Mig-19 (NATO code Farmer) was the first mass-produced supersonic fighter of the Soviet Air Force. The prototype first flew in 1953, the aircraft entering production in 1955. Farmer was the primary fighter of the Russian air force during […]

Mikoyan & Gurevich Mig-19 Farmer in Detail

Building Tamiya’s chrome-plated MiG-15 bis by Ingemar Caisander This article has been first published at www.hyperscale.com. Reproduced here with author’s permission.   Following the end of the war, blueprints for many advanced German aircraft designs ended up in Russia where they were thoroughly examined and evaluated. One of the most […]

Can it be Easier than This?

text by Martin Waligorski model by Andreas Bennwik    The 54mm Little Corporal   Napoleon Bonaparte, a French general, First Consul, and emperor of the French, is still one of the most celebrated personages in the history of the West. His revolutionary influence over warfare, military organization and training is […]

Napoleon Bonaparte

by Martin Waligorski I’m sure that many fellow model builders out there will agree that masking and painting wheel hubs of vehicles, road wheels of AFVs or aircraft is an ungrateful task. If you are lucky enough to model large-scale modern kit it may contain wheel hubs and tires as […]

Masking Wheels

by Johan Isaksson photos by Anders Isaksson Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) LAV is an all-terrain, armored, amphibious and highly versatile battle vehicle used by United States Marine Corps. The version presented below is designated LAV-25 and comes equipped with a turret mounting a 25 mm chain gun. The LAV-25 was […]

Gulf War LAV-25

text by Martin Waligorski photos by Peter Alsterberg Sometimes it is difficult to know why modellers get particularly interested in certain subjects – they just do. Göran Sebardt’s has meticulously built this collection of Tp2s – pre-war Junkers W 33/34s in Swedish service. The collection consists of only few aircraft […]

Tp2 (Junkers W 33/34) in Swedish Service