Volume 2 – 1998

by Janne Nilsson   This simple figure is a one-piece casting in resin from Elan in 1/48th scale. I painted the figure mainly to illustrate an article of basic figure painting, but i turned out to be a neat nostalgic scene – have you seen all these airmen’s graves from […]

German WW I Pilot

by Martin Waligorski Photo: Martin Waligorski For the Spitfire fans, it may be hard to believe that the stubby Walrus was a creation of the same mind, and was produced during roughly the same period of time. R.J.Mitchell designed this flying boat in 1933 as an improvement to the already-in-production […]

Supermarine Walrus in Detail

by Martin Waligorski Photo: Martin Waligorski ”If the name Spitfire became synonymous with saving the war for Britain, so the name Lancaster became synonymous with the winning of it.” wrote Mike Garbett and Brian Goulding in their excellent book Lancaster at War. Roy Chadwick, chief designer of A.V. Roe, knew […]

Avro Lancaster in Detail

by Martin Waligorski Photos: Martin Waligorski The P-35, one of the forerunners of the famous Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, was the first single-seat, all-metal pursuit plane with retractable landing gear and enclosed cockpit to go into regular service with the U.S. Army Air Corps. The first batch produced under designation P-35, […]

Seversky P-35 in Detail

by Martin Waligorski Photo: Martin Waligorski My Viggen story In my opinion the Viggen is still one of the most aesthetically pleasing modern aircraft in existence. I remember one spring evening waiting for at Ronneby airport in southern Sweden for my regional flight back to Stockholm. The capacious runway is […]

SAAB 37 Viggen in Detail

by Rick Kent The elegant Hawker Hunter, with it’s shark-like fin and graceful lines was arguably one of the prettiest aircraft to come out of England. The Hunter also provided RAF fighter force with a transsonic flight capability. Later it was also much used as trainer and ground attack aircraft, […]

Hawker Hunter

My Misadventures in 1/24th Scale-Land  by Jeff Warshaw IPMS # 36164, IPMS Orange County, California, USA I’ve been building WWII fighter and bomber kits since I was a kid. When I was young, I liked big kits, but I usually rushed through the assembly, leaving glue seams un-sanded, tires at […]

Scaling the Spitfire

World War II German Aircraft in Color  Back to main article About the poorest quality color photo one can imagine (yes, it is in color, only very faded). The aircraft is a Messerschmitt Bf-109 G-10. The characteristic bulged cowling introduced by the G-10 series is apparent. Other than that, various […]

In Color, Part 2

    Managed by Martin Waligorski If a picture says more than a thousand words… …then certainly a color picture must be worth at least ten times more! This conclusion must have been made by many modellers and enthusiasts interested in World War 2 and pre-war period. The inherent problem […]

In colour

by Tim McCoy Back to main article LOU IV, again In May 1998, this Magazine published A Story About Lou IV, a debate about blue – or green – or mixed – P-51s of 375th Fighter Squadron of the 361st Fighter Group based in England. I find all the discussion […]

Seeing is believing: LOU IV Addendum

by Martin Waligorski Back to main article The views of other people included below have been extracted from discussions about the subject of this article conducted on IPMS Stockholm’s pages and rec.models.scale newsgroup. All are copyright of their respective authors (Ed.) This page might take a while to load. It […]

A Story About LOU IV

Fredrik Zetterberg Enter the International Air Tattoo Royal International Air Tattoo är världens största militära flyguppvisning. Den hålls varje år på Fairfordbasen strax utanför Swindon. Antalet besökare brukar räknas i hundratusentals, och det är verkligen en fantastisk upplevelse att besöka denna fantastiska uppvisning. Dessutom törs jag lova att det förutom […]


by Martin Waligorski For modelling Beaufighter fans, there has never been a better time than now. This long-neglected subject by major manufacturers finally arrives with a number of newly-tooled plastic kits. And-what kits! Tamiya Tamiya kit boxartIn the fall of 1997, the news spread: Tamiya Beaufighter is here! Tamiya took […]

Bristol Beaufighter in Kit Form

by Nils Mathisrud This is a kit I have been eagerly awaiting for a long time. There hadn’t been any good Beaufighter kits in this scale before High Planes released a series of shot-run Beaus a couple of years ago. However, these kit were a bit rough, and required a […]

Building a Norwegian Beaufighter

by Rick Kent A piece of improvisation Britain’s lack of long-range heavy fighters at the outbreak of the war was undoubtedly a source of embarrassment to the RAF. Single-engined interceptors such as the Hurricane and Spitfire lacked the endurance for effective standing patrols, and it was soon discovered that the […]

Bristol Beaufighter