Urban’s Colour Reference Charts, Gunze Sangyo Mr Hobby & Mr Color

Gunze Sangyo Mr Hobby and Mr Color

by Urban Fredriksson

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Gunze Sangyo Aqueous (Mr Hobby)

Japan was early to adopt  acrylic paints in modelling, and Gunze Sangyo has been in the forefront of the development. Gunze Sangyo Aqueous colours are still some of the finest flowing acrylic airbrush paints available. Thinning may be accomplished with either isopropyl alcohol or Gunze thinner, both producing super-thin, smooth coats.

Gunze Sangyo acrylic numbers ar often given in Japanese kit instructions (i.e. Hasegawa) as ”black numbers in white boxes”. The paints in Gunze ”Mr colour” range, often denoted as ”white numbers in black boxes”, use different numbering system, and match some of the shades given here.

This chart has been last revised in August 2018 by Olle Lindau.

Colour name Mr   Color FS Humbrol Tamiya Xtracolor Polly S Revell Model Master
H1 Gloss White C1 Hu:22 T:X-2
H2 Gloss Black C2 Hu:21 T:X-1
H3 Gloss Red C3 Hu:19 T:X-7 Rev:31
H4 Gloss Yellow C4 Hu:69 T:X-8
H5 Gloss Blue C5 Hu:15 T:X-3 Rev:52?
H6 Gloss Green C6 Hu:3 T:X-5
H7 Gloss Brown C7 Hu:10 T:X-9
H8 Silver C8 Hu:11 T:X-11/XF-16
H9 Gold C9 Hu:16 T:X-12
H10 Copper C10 Hu:12 T:XF-6
H11 Flat White C62 Hu:34 T:XF-2 P:11?
H12 Flat Black C33/C92 Hu:33 T:X-18/XF-1 P:10
H13 Flat Red Hu:73 T:XF-7/XF-9?
H14 Gloss Orange C59 Hu:18 T:X-6
H15 Gloss Bright Blue C65 Hu:14 T:X-4
H16 Yellow Green C64 Hu:38 T:X-15 Rev:60
H17 Cocoa Brown (gloss) C29? Hu:10
H18 Steel C28 Rev:91
H19 Pink C63 Hu:200 T:X-17
H20 Flat Varnish C182 Hu:49
H21 Off White C69 Hu:41?
H22 Gloss Dark grey Hu:5
H23 Gloss Shine Red C79 Hu:60 T:X-7
H24 Orange Yellow C58
H25 Sky Blue C34 Hu:48 T:X-14
H26 Bright Green C66 Hu:2 Rev:61
H27 Tan C44 Hu:9
H28 Metallic Black C78 Hu:201
H29 Salmon Pink (gloss)
H30 Gloss Varnish C46 Hu:35
H31 White Green (gloss) Hu:90
H32 Field Grey (gloss) C40 Hu:67?
H33 Russet (gloss) C81 Hu:133?
H34 Cream Yellow
H35 Cobalt Blue C80 Hu:198? Rev:53 Blue RAL 5013
H36 Dark Green (gloss) C15 Hu:75 T:XF-11
H37 Wood Brown (gloss) C43 Hu:10
H38 Steel Red (Rust + Silver) Hu:53? / T:X-10
H39 Metallic Gloss Purple C67? Hu:68 T:X-16
H40 Flat Base (Mix in paints to achieve flat appearance



H41 Pale Green (gloss) Hu:65*1+Hu:90*1
H42 Blue Grey (gloss) FS:35164 Hu:144
H43 Wine Red C100 Hu:20 Rev:32
H44 Flesh C51 Hu:61 T:XF-15 Rev:35
H45 Light Blue (gloss) Hu:47 Rev:50
H46 Emerald Green (gloss) Hu:2 Rev:364
H47 Red Brown (gloss?) C41 Hu:160
H48 Field Grey (2) C52 Hu:111
H49 Violet (met. gloss) Hu:68? T:X-16 with a touch of silver
H50 Lime Green (gloss) Hu:38 (not quite) T:X-15
H51 Light Gull Grey C11 FS:16440 (but more gloss) Hu:183?
H52 Olive drab (semigloss) C12 Hu:155 P:52?
H53 Neutral Grey C13 Hu:128
H54 Navy Blue (semigloss) C14 Hu:77?
H55 Midnight Blue (gloss) C71 Hu:15 T:X-3
H56 Intermediate Blue C72 Hu:144 T:XF-18
H57 Aircraft Grey (gloss) C73 FS:36231 Hu:147 P:PCA824
H58 Interior Green (gloss) C27 Hu:151 P:PCA802?/821?/833?
H59 IJN Green (gloss) C15 T:XF-11 X:353 P:PCJ91
H60 IJA Green (semigloss) C16 T:XF-13 X:X351 P:PCJ91
H61 IJN Light Grey (gloss) C35? Hu:146 T:XF-12 X:X354
H62 IJA Light Grey (semigloss) C56 T:XF-14 X:X352
H63 Metallic Blue-green nterior colour C57 T:X-13 X:X355
H64 RLM Dark Green 71 (semigloss) C17 Hu:116/242 T:XF-61
H65 RLM Dark Green 70 C18 Hu:91?/241 T:XF-13 Rev:363?
H66 RLM Sand Brown 79 (semigloss) C19/C119 Hu:62/249 X:X224/X209? P:PCG708
H67 RLM Light Blue 65 (semigloss) C20/C115 Hu:65 T:XF-23 X:X202 P:PCG701
H68 RLM Dark Grey 74 (semigloss) C36 Hu:27/245 T:XF-63? (+slate grey?) X:X206 P:PCG84
H69 RLM Mid Grey 75 C37 Hu:246 T:XF-54? (+khaki drab?) X:X207 P:PCG707
H70 RLM Grey 02 (semigloss) C60 Hu:92/239 T:XF-22 X:X201 P:PCG83
H71 Middle Stone (semigloss) C21 Hu:84 T:XF-60
H72 Dark Earth (semigloss) C22 Hu:29 T:XF-52
H73 Dark Green (semigloss) C23 Hu:30 T:XF-61
H74 Sky Duck Egg Green (semigloss) C26 Hu:23 T:XF-21
H75 Dark Sea Grey (semigloss) C25 Hu:27 T:XF-54
H76 Burnt Iron C61 Hu:53 T:X-10
H77 Tyre Black C137 Hu:33 T:XF-1 Rev:9 Anthracite, ultra-dark grey
H78 Olive Drab 2 (semigloss) C38 Hu:66 T:XF-62
H79 Sand Yellow (dark) (semigloss) C39 Hu:93
H80 Khaki Green C54 Hu:159? T:XF-51?
H81 Khaki C55 Hu:26 T:XF-49
H82 Dark Grey (semigloss) C31 Hu:156? T:XF-53?
H83 Dark Grey (semigloss) C32 Hu:123? (Japanese naval subjects) T:XF-57
H84 Mahogny (semigloss) C42 Hu:10? T:X-9 /any gloss brown
H85 Sail Colour C45 Hu:71? Satin oak, cream coloured leather
H86 Red Madder (Dark Reddish-Purple) C68 brighter than Hu:107
H87 Metallic Red C75 Hu:51 Rev:399
H88 Metallic Blue C76 Hu:52 T:X-13
H89 Metallic Green C77 Hu:50
H90 Clear Red C47
H91 Clear Yellow C48
H92 Clear Orange C49
H93 Clear Blue C50
H94 Clear Green C138
H95 Smoke Grey (gloss) Hu:147 Matt Light Grey (Israeli)
H96 Smoke Blue (gloss) Hu:65 (+50% White?)
H97 Fluoroscent Yellow, Saturn Yellow over white base



H98 Fluoroscent Orange, (Fire Orange over white base) C173 Hu:205/209
H99 Fluoroscent Pink ( Aurora Pink over white base) C174 Hu:207
H100 Fluoroscent Signal Green C175 Hu:203
H101 Premium Clear Gloss
H102 Premium Clear Semi Gloss

H103 Premium Clear Flat

H104 Premium Clear Flat Base

H110 Semi-Gloss clear

H211 Chrome / Silber C90?
H212 Iron / Eisen
H213 Steel / Stahl C28
H214 Gunmetal C104?
H217 Gold
H218 Aluminium
H301 Dk Grey C301 FS:36081 Hu:32 T:XF-63 P:500014
H302 Dk Green C302 FS:34092 Hu:149 T:XF-61
H303 Dk Green C303 FS:34102 Hu:117 T:XF-27 Almost olive drab P:500815
H304 Olive Drab C304 FS:34087 Hu:155 T:XF-62
H305 Dk Grey C305 FS:36118 Hu:125 T:XF-24 P:500822
H306 Mid Grey C306 FS:36270 Hu:126 T:XF-25? X:X133
H307 Grey C320 FS:36320 Hu:128 T:XF-53 P:PCA837
H308 Light Grey C308 FS:36375 Hu:127 T:XF-53? X:X136 P:500836
H309 Green C309 FS:34079 Hu:116 T:XF-61 P:500814
H310 Brown C310 FS:30219 Hu:119 T:XF-52
H311 Grey C311 FS:36622 Hu:28 T:XF-19
H312 Green C312 FS:34227 Hu:120
H313 Yellow C313 FS:33531 Hu:121 T:XF-57 Israeli AF P:PCI875
H314 Blue C314 FS:35622 Hu:122 T:XF-12? (lighter) P:PCI877
H315 Light Grey C315 FS:16440 Hu:183 T:XF-20
H316 Gloss White C316 FS:17875 Hu:22 T:X-2
H317 Grey C317 FS:36231 Hu:140 T:XF-54 P:PCA824/807?
H318 Radome C318 FS:33613 Hu:148
H319 Light Green (matt) C319 Hu:117? US Light Green P:PG520
H320 Dark Green (semigloss) C320 Hu:30 T:XF-61?
H321 Light Brown (semigloss) C321
H322 Phtalo Cyanine Blue (gloss) C322
H323 Light Blue (gloss) C323 FS:35526
H324 Light Grey (matt) C324 FS:36307
H325 Grey C325 FS:36440 Hu:129 T:XF-20 P:PCA825
H326 Blue C326 FS:15044 Hu:189
H327 Red C327 FS:11136 Hu:153 T:XF-07 P:20?
H328 Blue C328 FS:15050 Hu:190
H329 Yellow C329 FS:13538 Hu:188
H330 RAF Dk Green BS381C/641 C330 Hu:163 Rev:46 Nato Green (matt brownish)
H331 RAF Dk Sea Grey BS381C/638 (semigloss) C331 FS:36118 Hu:164
H332 RAF Light Aircraft Grey BS381C/627 C332 Hu:166 T:XF-20
H333 RN Extra Dk Sea Grey BS381C/640 C333 Hu:123
H334 RAF Barley Grey BS4800/18B21 C334 Hu:167
H335 RAF Medium Sea Grey BS381C/337 C335 Hu:123 (Hu:165)
H336 RAF Hemp BS 4800 10B21 C336 Hu:168 P:PF62?
H337 Blue-Grey (very matt) C337 FS:35237 Hu:145 P:PCA817
H338 LightGrey C338 FS:36495 Hu:147
H339 Engine Gray C339 FS:16081
H340 Field Green C340 FS:34097 Hu:105
H341 Mud (weathering)
H342 Oil (gloss) (weathering)
H343 Soot (weathering) FS:37038 Hu:33 T:XF-1
H344 Rust (weathering) Hu:113
H345 Rough Grey (matt) (weathering)
H346 Rough Sand (matt (weathering) FS:30279 Hu:93
H401 Dark Grey /Schwartagrau
H402 Green Brown / Grünbraun
H403 Dark yellow / Dunkelgelb
H404 Khaki Brown / Khakibraun
H405 Olive Green / Olivegrün
H406 Chokolate Brown / Shokoladebraun
H413 Yellow / RLM 04 C113 Hu:154
H414 Red / RLM 23 C114 Hu:153
H416 Black Grey / RLM 66 C116
H417 Light Blue / RLM 76 C117 Hu:247
H418 Light Blue / RLM 78 C118 Hu:248
H420 Olive Green / RLM 80 C120
H421 Brown Violet / RLM 81 C121 Hu:251/155
H422 Light Green / RLM 82 C122 Hu:252
H423 Dark Green / RLM 83 C123 Hu:253
H451 Chalky White
H452 Soot Black
H453 Rust Red
H455 Cement Gray
H456 Dust Brown
H457 Earth Brown
H458 Machine Gray
H459 Sandy Yellow
H460 Red Brown 1
H461 Oxide Green
H462 Black Brown
H463 Red Brown 2
H464 Chrome Green
H465 Cobalt Blue
H466 Purple Red
H467 Carmine Red

There are some colurs that are unique for the Mr Color range, those are listed below:

Mr Color ”only”

Color Name Standard Humbrol
C19 Sandy Brown
C20 Light Blue
C70 Dark Green
C74 Air Superiority Blue

C92 Semigloss Black

C97 Light Gray

C101 Smoke Gray

C104 Gun Chrome

C107 Character White

C108 Character Red

C109 character Yellow

C110 Character Blue

C111 Character Flesh

C112 Character Flesh (2)

C124 Dark Green (Mitsubishi)
C125 Cowling Color
C126 Cockpit color (Mitsubishi)
C127 Cockpit color (Nakajima)
C128 Gray Grren

C129 Dark Green (Nakajima)

C130 Dark Green (Kawasaki)

C131 Propeller Color

C132 Earth Gren

C135 Russian Green (1)

C136 Russian Green (2)
C151 White Pearl
C152 Green Pearl
C153 Red Pearl

C154 Blue Pearl

C155 Super Clear

C156 Super White

C157 Super Black

C158 Super Italian Red

C159 Super Silver

C160 Cranberry Red Pearl

C171 Flourescent Red

C181 Semigloss Super Clear

C182 Flat Clear

C183 Super Clear Gray Tone

C185 Super Flat black

C351 Zinc Cromate Type I in set CS-681 Interior Colors for aircraft FS:34151
C352 Chromate Yellow Primer in set CS-681 Interior Colors for aircraft FS:33481
C361 Dark Green in set 684 RAF Colors 2 BS381C-641
C362 Ocean Gray in set 684 RAF Colors 2
C363 Medium Sea Gray in set 684 RAF Colors 2
C364 Aircraft Gray Green in set CS-681 Interior Colors for aircraft BS381C- 283
C365 Gloss Sea Blue in set CS682 US Navy Colors WW2 FS:15042
C366 Intermediate Blue in set CS682 US Navy Colors WW2 FS:35164
C367 Blue Gray in set CS682 US Navy Colors WW2 FS:35189
C368 Sky in set CS-683 RAF Colors for aircraft BS381C-210
C369 Dark Earth in set CS-683 RAF Colors for aircraft BS381C-450
C370 Azure Blue in set CS-683 RAF Colors for aircraft
C374 Shallow Ocean Blue in set CS-665 JASDF Oceanic camouflage
C375 Deep Ocean Blue in set CS-665 JASDF Oceanic camouflage
C376 RAdome Gray in set CS-665 JASDF Oceanic camouflage
C377 Aluminized Silver in set CS-666 J.A.S.D.F
C378 JASDF Landing Gear White in set CS-666 J.A.S.D.F
C379 JASDF Cockpit Dark Gull Gray in set CS-666 J.A.S.D.F
C380 Blue in set CS-667 Blue Impulse Color FS:15180
C381 Insignia White in set CS-667 Blue Impulse Color FS:17925
C382 Light Gull Gray in set CS-667 Blue Impulse Color FS:36440
C383 Dark Green (Kawanishi) in set CS-668 N1K2-J
C384 Cockpit color (Kawanishi) in set CS-668 N1K2-J
C385 Red (Japanese Navy Marking) in set CS-668 N1K2-J
C391 Interior Turquoise Green (Soviet)
C392 Interior Blue (Soviet)
C393 Russian Aircraft Blue 2


New tank color series (5XX)

C511 Russian Green ”480”
C512 Russian Green ”480” 1947-
C513 Dark Gray ”DunkelGrau”
C514 Gray ”Grau”
C515 Faded Gray ”Blassgrau”
C516 Dark Green 3414
C517 Brown 3606

C518 Olive Drab 2314

C519 BronzeGrun

C520 Lederbrown

C521 Teerscwartz

C522 Ground Color

C523 Grass Color

C524 Hay

C525 Green

C526 Brown

C527 Khaki

C528 IDF Gray1 (-1981 Sinai)

C529 IDF Gray2 (-1981 Golan)
C530 IDF Gray3 (Modern)

New warship color series (6XX)

C601 IJN Hull Color/Kure
C602 IJN Hull Color Sasebo

C603 IJN Hull Color/Maizuru

C604 IJN Type 21 Camouflage Color

C605 IJN Type 22 Camouflage Color

C606 IJN Linoleum Deck Color

C607 JMSDF 2704 Cray N5

C608 JMSDF 2705 Dark Gray N4

C609 Cleated Deck Color

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