Urban’s Colour Reference Charts, Federal Standard

by Urban Fredriksson & Martin Waligorski

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Federal Standard FS.595a/595B to model paints

The colours in the Federal Standard set have no official names, just five-digit numbers. Any names given below are generic. The example of the FS number could be:

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The first figure can be 1,2 or 3 and indicates the level of sheen:

  • 1 = gloss
  • 2 = semigloss
  • 3 = matt

For simplicity, all colours in this chart are referred to as matt (begin with 3). colour matches for matt colours apply also to semi-gloss or gloss colours – just replace the leading digit with 2 or 1, respectively.

Matt, satin or gloss clear lacquer should be applied to painted object to obtain the desired quality of finish.

The second figure of FS code indicates a general colour classification group –

  • 0 = brown
  • 1 = red
  • 2 = orange
  • 3 = yellow
  • 4 = green
  • 5 = blue
  • 6 = grey
  • 7 = other (white, black, violet, metallic)
  • 8 = fluorescent

The remaining figures (third to fifth) combined into a number indicate the intensity. Lower value indicates a darker colour, higher value – a lighter colour, with no other significance. The numbers have been assigned with gaps to allow addition of new colours.

FS.595 is a colour collection, not a complete colour system, an this has the following implications:

  • The existence of a colour chip 3xxxx in the FS binder doesn’t imply that there is a colour chip for 1xxxx. However, references to such ”virtual” chips built on the principle ”same colour, but different sheen” is a widespread practice in model-related literature.
  • The FS in not extensible, i.e. it does not allow to derive new colours form the existing ones. Thus, if you compare i.e. RLM colours to FS codes, you can only refer to the nearest existing FS colour, which most often isn’t a perfect match. In practice, the FS set is extensive enough to find a good-enough match for almost any colour.

This chart has been last revised in September 2006

Colour name Comment Humbrol Tamiya Xtracolor Polly S Gunze Sangyo Model Master
FS:30040 8*Hu:10 + 2*Hu:33
FS:30045 8*Hu:98 + 2*Hu:10 + 2*Hu:107 T:XF-10
FS:30049 8*Hu:107 + 1*Hu:33
FS:30051 Leather Brown 8*Hu:98 + 2*Hu:10
FS:30059 19*Hu:10 + 1*Hu:61
FS:30061 T:XF-09?
FS:30062 8*Hu:98 + 1*Hu:160 + 1*Hu:33
FS:30075 T:XF-09
FS:30097 Polish Khaki 5*Hu:110 + 1*Hu:160 + 1*Hu:33
FS:30099 8*Hu:110 + 2*Hu:113 + 1*Hu:33 P:PCA831
FS:30100 7*Hu:186 + 2*Hu:156 +1*Hu:34
FS:30108 Red Brown 3*Hu:186 + 2*Hu:160 + 2*Hu:10 T:XF-64
FS:30109 6*Hu:178 + 4*Hu:70 + 3*Hu:34 + 2*Hu:107
FS:30111 Hu:70 T:X-09
FS:30117 Earth Red Hu:186 P:500103 MM:1701
FS:30118 Earth Hu:142 T:XF-52? X:X101 P:PCA830 MM:1702
FS:30140 Brown Special 4*Hu:110 + 2*Hu:62 + 1*Hu:113 P:500829 Earth Red
FS:30145 4*Hu:110 + 1*Hu:62
FS:30166 Brick Red 6*Hu:113 + 1*Hu:178 (70) P:21
FS:30215 Sand Yellow 6*Hu:62 + 2*Hu:110 + 1*Hu:154
FS:30218 Tan
FS:30219 Red Brown Hu:118 (119) T:XF-52 X:X102 P:PCA816/874? GS:H310 MM:1742
FS:30227 Olive Drab 6*Hu:110 + 2*Hu:121 + 1*Hu:113 + 1*Hu:34
FS:30251 P:PCA820
FS:30257 Light Earh 1*Hu:94 + 1*Hu:63 T:XF-59 P:PCA828
FS:30266 Mid Stone 3*Hu:81 + 2*Hu:26 T:XF-60 P:PCA818
FS:30277 Light Olive Green 6*Hu:168 + 1*Hu:110 (187) T:XF:49 P:PCA827
FS:30279 Sand 4*Hu:121 + 2*Hu:118 + 1*Hu:110 X:X032 P:PCA826 GS:346?
FS:30313 Purple Hu:250
FS:30324 Desert Brown 6*Hu:110 + 5*Hu:34 + 3*Hu:121 + 1*Hu:113
FS:30372 Stone 12*Hu:168 + 1*Hu:113 (7*Hu:187 + 3*Hu:129) P:PCI879
FS:30400 Tan Special 3*Hu:63 + 3*Hu:118 + 3*Hu:34 + 2*Hu:121 X:X145
FS:30450 Hemp 1*Hu:118 + 1*Hu:34 (4*Hu:250 + 1*Hu:148) T:XF-57?
Colour name Comment Humbrol Tamiya Xtracolor Polly S Gunze Sangyo Model Master
FS:31105 Red T:X-07
FS:31136 Insignia Red X:X102
FS:31136 Matt Scarlett Hu:60(/153) T:XF-7 P:20? GS:H327 MM:1705
FS:31400 Red Orange 8*Hu:187 + 1*Hu:60
FS:31630 Pink T:X-17
Colour name Comment Humbrol Tamiya Xtracolor Polly S Gunze Sangyo Model Master
FS:32160 T:X-06
FS:32169 Deep Yellow 6*Hu:100 + 4*Hu:154 + 1*Hu:34 + 1*Hu:110
FS:32197 Int. Orange X:X103
FS:32473 Hu:82?
FS:32648 T:XF-15
Colour name Comment Humbrol Tamiya Xtracolor Polly S Gunze Sangyo Model Master
FS:33070 Olive 8*Hu:150 + 4*Hu:10 + 2*Hu:154
FS:33245 Ochre Hu:63
FS:33303 3*Hu:168 + 2*Hu:74 + 1*Hu:84 + 1*Hu:34
FS:33434 4*Hu:154 + 3*Hu:94 + 1*Hu:34
FS:33440 T:XF:49?
FS:33446 Sand X:X158 P:500844 (possible confusion 446/448)
FS:33448 Light Stone 5*Hu:74 + 3*Hu:34 + 3*Hu:84 T:XF-60 X:X326
FS:33481 Yellow green T:XF-04?
FS:33522 Light Tan 4*Hu:34 + 2*Hu:103 + 1*Hu:84
FS:33531 Yellow Hu:121 P:PCI875 GS:H313 MM:1706
FS:33538 Chrome Yellow Hu:188 (154) GS:H329
FS:33531 Matt Pale Stone Hu:121 T:XF-57 Israeli AF X:X105 P:PCI875
FS:33538 Insignia Yellow Hu:154/Hu:24? X:X106 GS:329 MM:1708
FS:33564 1*Hu:28 + 1*Hu:74
FS:33613 Radome Tan Hu:148 X:X107 GS:H318 MM:1709
FS:33655 Blue Angels Yellow T:X-08/XF-03 X:X108
FS:33690 Light Tan 3*Hu:34 + 2*Hu:103 + 1*Hu:121
FS:33697 Pale Cream Hu:74
FS:33711 USMC Sand 3*Hu:34 + 3*Hu:103 + 2*Hu:148
FS:33717 Linen 5*Hu:34 + 3*Hu:103 + 2*Hu:148
FS:33722 Tan 6*Hu:103 + 5*Hu:34 + 1*Hu:148 + 1*Hu:78
FS:33798 Desert Sand 10*Hu:74 + 8*Hu:34 + 1*Hu:99
FS:33814 Pale Yellow? Hu:81? T:XF-4?
Colour name Comment Humbrol Tamiya Xtracolor Polly S Gunze Sangyo Model Master
FS:34031 US helo drab X:X152
FS:34050 Black Green 5*Hu:75 + 1*Hu:91 + 1*Hu:108 T:XF-13?
FS:34052 Marine Corps Green 5*Hu:91 + 2*Hu:75 + 2*Hu:108 T:XF-13 X:X109
FS:34056 6*Hu:91 + 2*Hu:189 + 1*Hu:3
FS:34058 Bottle Green 7*Hu:88 + 3*Hu:190 + 2*Hu:32 + 2*Hu:34 T:XF-17
FS:34062 4*Hu:3 + 1*Hu:131 T:X-05
FS:34064 Very Dark Drab 1*Hu:66 + 1*Hu:163
FS:34077 5*Hu:91 + 1*Hu:116 + 1*Hu:3 T:XF-11
FS:34079 Leaf Green Hu:116 T:XF-27/61? X:X110 P:PCA814/835 GS:H309 MM:1710
FS:34082 6*Hu:102 + 2*Hu:172 + 3*Hu:154 T:XF-61?
FS:34086 Dark green Hu:108 T:XF-62/13? X:X144 GS:H319?
FS:34087 Olive Drab 3*Hu:163 + 4*Hu:108 + 1*Hu:33 (155, 3*Hu:163 + 4*Hu:108 + 3*Hu:33) T:XF-62? X:X111 P:832/808/819 GS:H304 MM:1711
FS:34088 Khaki Drab 1*Hu:155 + 1*Hu:159 T:XF-51?
FS:34090 4*Hu:3 + 3*Hu:97 + 2*Hu:95 + 1*Hu:101 + 1*Hu:131
FS:34091 Dark green 1*Hu:66 + 1*Hu:98 X:X155
FS:34092 Extra Dark Sea Green Hu:149 T:XF-27*2 + 22*1 X:X114 PCG862 GS:H302 MM:1764
FS:34094 Bronze Green 6*Hu:116 + 1*Hu:95 + 2*Hu:80
FS:34095 Dark Grey Green 2*Hu:80 + 1*Hu:117
FS:34096 Nivo 6*Hu:116 + 6*Hu:117 + 1*Hu:163 T:XF-61
FS:34097 Field (Marine) Green 2*Hu:80 + 1*Hu:116 (105) T:XF-58 X:X115 P:PF53 GS:H340
FS:34098 Bamboo 12*Hu:150 + 1*Hu:155 + 1*Hu:154 (150)
FS:34102 Forest Green Hu:117 T:XF-61*2 + 65*1 X:X116 P:500815 GS:H303 MM:1713
FS:34108 1*Hu:101 + 1*Hu:88
FS:34127 Forest Green Hu:150
FS:34128 Deep Green 6*Hu:76 + 2*Hu:151 T:XF-26
FS:34138 Light Green 3*Hu:131 + 1*Hu:120 (131) P:PF51
FS:34151 Interior Green Hu:151 X:X117 P:PCA821/833 GS:H58 MM:1715
FS:34159 Light Slate Grey 6*Hu:78 + 1*Hu:161 T:XF-65 X:X118
FS:34172 Dark Sea Green 4*Hu:120 + 3*Hu:76 + 2*Hu:78
FS:34187 Willow Green X:X151
FS:34201 SAC Tan Brown 5*Hu:95 + 4*Hu:155 + 3*Hu:94 + 2*Hu:150 T:XF-49? X:X119
FS:34223 3*Hu:110 + 2*Hu:120 + 1*Hu:34
FS:34226 Grey Green 6*Hu:78 + 3*Hu:34 + 1*Hu:72 (78) P:PCA801
FS:34227 Light Green Hu:120 X:X148 P:PCI876 Israeli GS:H312 MM:1716
FS:34230 Flat Green T:XF-05
FS:34233 Greenish Grey 3:2:1 5*Hu:115 + 1*Hu:25 + 1*Hu:34 P:500876/500074/500032 (MiG-29)
FS:34257 6*Hu:83 + 2*Hu:80 + 3*Hu:34 + 1*Hu:99
FS:34258 Pale Green 5*Hu:158 + 4*Hu:34 + 2*Hu:154 X:X120
FS:34259 T:XF-04
FS:34272 8*Hu:34 + 5*Hu:76 + 3*Hu:101
FS:34417 T:XF-14
FS:34424 Medium Grey 9*Hu:90 + 1*Hu:31 T:XF-20 (matt) Israeli
FS:34554 Beige Green Hu:90 T:XF-21 Sky
Colour name Comment Humbrol Tamiya Xtracolor Polly S Gunze Sangyo Model Master
FS:35042 Sea blue Hu:181 Dark Sea Blue gloss X:X121 MM:1717
FS:35042 Flat sea blue Hu:182 P:PCA803 MM:1718
FS:35044 Insignia blue Hu:189 X:X122 GS:H326 MM:1719
FS:35045 Dark blue Hu:HD 3 P:PCI878 GS:H35
FS:35050 Blue Angels blue Hu:190 T:X-03 X:X123 GS:H328 MM:1772
FS:35056 T:X-04
FS:35109 Blue X:X124
FS:35164 Intermediate Blue Hu:144 X:X125 P:PCA804 GS:H42 MM:1720
FS:35177 Medium blue T:XF-18
FS:35183 Bright blue T:XF-08 X:X146
FS:35200 T:X-14
FS:35237 Dk blue/grey Hu:145 X:X126 P:PCA817 GS:H337 MM:1721
FS:35258 Hu:HU17 Green deleted)
FS:35414 Blue T:XF-23 X:X127
FS:35450 Air Superiority Blue P:PCA800 19*Hu:47 + 1*Hu:147 P:PCA800
FS:35526 Aircraft Blue Hu:65 T:XF-23 GS:H67
FS:35526 Light blue X:X606 GS:H323
FS:35622 Israeli Light Blue Hu:122 X:X149 P:PCI877 GS:H314
Colour name Comment Humbrol Tamiya Xtracolor Polly S Gunze Sangyo Model Master
FS:36076 Engine grey T:XF-63 X:X128
FS:36081 Gunship Dk. grey Hu:32 T:XF-63? X:X129 P:500014 GS:H301
FS:36118 Gunship Lt. Grey Hu:125 T:XF-24 X:X130 P:500822 GS:H305 MM:1723
FS:36152 Blue-grey Hu:HN 2
FS:36165 RLM 02 T:XF-22
FS:36173 Dark Grey Hu:156 T:XF-53 P:PCA823 GS:H82
FS:36176 Dk grey F-15 X:X157
FS:36231 Dk Gull Grey Hu:140 T:XF-54 X:X131 P:PCA824 GS:H57 MM:1740
FS:36251 Medium grey 8*Hu:64 + 3*Hu:156 + 1*Hu:106 X:X132
FS:36270 Neutral grey 1*Hu:156 + 1*Hu:34 T:XF-53 X:X133
FS:36270 RAF OceanGrey 1*Hu:156 + 1*Hu:34 T:XF-20 GS:H306
FS:36293 7*Hu:28 + 2*Hu:156 + 1*Hu:34
FS:36300 14*Hu:34 + 7*Hu:176 + 1*Hu:110
FS:36307 Light Sea Grey Hu:141 X:X134 GS:H324
FS:36314 Flint grey 6*Hu:167 + 4*Hu:87 T:XF-25 X:X143
FS:36320 Dark compass grey Hu:128 X:X135 P:PCA837 GS:H307 MM:1741
FS:36329 Light sea grey 7*Hu:87 + 3*Hu:34 T:XF-66
FS:36357 6*Hu:162 + 2*Hu:28
FS:36373 5*Hu:34 + 1*Hu:156 + 1*Hu:64 T:XF-25?
FS:36375 Light compass grey Hu:127 X:X136 P:500836 GS:H308 MM:1728
FS:36386 1*Hu:162 + 1*Hu:34
FS:36400 Light Stone 1*Hu:121 + 1*Hu:90
FS:36408 2*Hu:34 + 1*Hu:162
FS:36415 6*Hu:121 + 4*Hu:84
FS:36424 Medium grey T:XF-20
FS:36440 Lt Gull Grey Hu:183 (129) 1*T:XF-20 + 1*T:XF-2 X:X137 GS:H51? MM:1729
FS:36440 Hu:129 (183) P:PCA825 GS:H325/H315 MM:1730
FS:36463 3*Hu:34 + 2*Hu:126
FS:36473 ADC Grey Hu:146 T:XF-66? X:X138 Light Aircraft Grey GS:H61
FS:36473 Light Grey 1*Hu:87 + 1*Hu:34 (64) T:XF-12?/XF-19 P:PCA806? MM:1731
FS:36492 Light Grey 8*Hu:34 + 1*Hu:156 + 1*Hu:28 X:X147
FS:36493 9*Hu:34 + 2*Hu:28 + 1*Hu:156
FS:36495 Light Grey Hu:147 GS:H338
FS:36496 T:XF-12
FS:36515 Canadian Voodoo grey X:X150
FS:36521 T:XF-55
FS:36555 6*Hu:103 + 1*Hu:64 + 1*Hu:28
FS:36559 Surface Grey 2*Hu:162 + 1*Hu:28 + 1*Hu:34 (162)
FS:36595 1*Hu:162 + 1*Hu:28 + 1*Hu:34
FS:36622 Light Grey Hu:28 (97) T:XF-19 X:X140 P:PCA817 GS:H311
FS:36628 9*Hu:34 + 1*Hu:64
Miscellaneous (Blacks, Whites, Metallics)
Colour name Comment Humbrol Tamiya Xtracolor Polly S Gunze Sangyo Model Master
FS:37030 9*Hu:33 + 2*Hu:189 + 1*Hu:112
FS:37031 9*Hu:33 + 8*Hu:189 + 2*Hu:112
FS:17038 Gloss Black Hu:21 T:X-1 GS:H2 MM:1747
FS:27038 Coal Black Hu:85 T:X-18 GS:H2
FS:37038 Black Hu:33 T:XF-1 P:10 GS:H12/343 MM:1749
FS:37040 Dark Bluish Black Hu:85? T:X-18?
FS:37100 Purple T:X-16
FS:37178 Chrome Silver Hu:191 T:XF-16 X:X142 MM:1790
FS:37722 16*Hu:34 + 3*Hu:72 + 1*Hu:28
FS:37788 10*Hu:34 + 1*Hu:121
FS:17875 Gloss White Hu:22 T:X-2 X:X141 GS:H21 MM:1745
FS:37875 Matt White Hu:130 (34) T:XF-2 P:11? GS:H11 MM:1768
FS:37880 6*Hu:34 + 2*Hu:41
FS:37886 White 3*Hu:34 + 2*Hu:41
Colour name Comment Humbrol Tamiya Xtracolor Polly S Gunze Sangyo Model Master
FS:38915 Blaze (orangeish red, almost dayglo) Hu:192 MM:1775

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