Volume 11 – 2007

 by Björn Bäcklund Last year I had been building some pre-war airliner models to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Bromma Airport. One plane I decided to build was a Savoia-Marchetti S.73. I wanted to build this particular plane because I have a soft spot for trimotors and also because […]

Creating a Savoia-Marchetti S. 73

Academy 1/48 Spitfire XIVs and KMC Correction Set  by Rafi Ben-Shahar Academy’s 1/48 Spitfire XIVe kits has been on the market for some time, but seldom surfaces on modelling shows and on the Internet. Yet, among the Spitfire kits offerings, Academy’s kit sports the most accurate dimensions and crisp engraved […]

Perfecting the Griffon Spitfire

Mark’s Model Plane Miscellany by Mark ”Kiwikitbasher” Davies Aviation record setting was all the rage in the 1930, particularly with various forms of increased nationalism on the rise throughout Europe. Altitudes of 50,000 feet were being approached by the early 1930’s, and in 1933 a specification for a plane to […]

Frog Bristol 138

Building Matchbox 1/72 Scale Handley-Page Victor  by Jan Forsgren The Handley Page Victor represents to me the aircraft thinking of the fifties: big, bold and…beautiful! Seeing this plane with its large tail is like seeing an old dinosaur. It ended its life as a tanker and saw action in both […]

Big, Bold, Beautiful!

Dermatt Aircraft Kits by Kai-Mikael Jää-Aro When is the last time you have seen plastic kits with this kind of packaging? Enter the Plastiques Dermatt Fiat CR 42 and Spad VII.  Some while back, a friend of mine gave me two model kits he had found in a flea market […]

Wasting Time, Isn’t That What a Hobby is For?

Mark’s Model Plane Miscellany by Mark Davies Lavochkin’s rather overweight and indifferent in-line engined LaGG 3 gave way to a much improved radial engined La-5, which in turn became a simple but very effective fighter in its final La-5FN from. The lack of a reliable radial engine offering more power […]

Eduard’s Little Lavochkin La-7

Mark’s Model Plane Miscellany by Mark Davies At first glance the Westland Welkin looks like Westland’s earlier Whirlwind on Steroids, being powered by Rolls Royce Merlins rather than problematical Peregrines. However the two aircraft were developed to meet quite different requirements and specifications, and so despite appearances a clear evolutionary […]

CMR’s 1/72 Westland Welkin

 by Andrzej Boniukiewicz  English translation by Martin Waligorski Colours of the Polish Military Aviation in the 1930s is a wide and enigmatic subject. For many years what little was known was largely based on suppositions and the elusive memory of the surviving veterans. To my knowledge, there have been no […]

A Question of Polish Khaki

Building Eduard’s New Sopwith Camel Kit by Tomasz Gronczewski I had known for a long time that if there ever would be a good quarter-scale kit of the Sopwith Camel, I’d build mine in the markings of Donald MacLaren, the most prolific Camel ace. Very few details are known about […]

Eduard’s Ferocious Camel

Variations on the Theme of Dragon’s Mistel Combo   by Rafi Ben-Shahar The German Mistel combo of a single-engine fighter on top of an unmanned Ju 88 remains one of the most unusual military aircraft ever put to operational use. As such, it is of given interest to modellers. One […]

Mistels Galore!

Group Project of a Lifetime by Moreno Bartolucci , Associazione Modellisti Chiaravallessi Return to Part 2: Every Window Tells a Story Masonry The bricks have been applied with Saxite glue used in full-scale construction. Once dried its colour resembles that of the original mortar. Mounting about 200,000 bricks was a […]

Abbazia of Chiaravalle, Part 3: Bringing It All Together

Group Project of a Lifetime by Moreno Bartolucci , Associazione Modellisti Chiaravallessi Return to Part 1 of this article: The Brick Machine Windows Every window of the church had its own history and solution. Several techniques had been studied for each of them. Sharp observers that we were, we soon […]

Abbazia of Chiaravalle, Part 2: Every Window Tells a Story

Mark’s Model Plane Miscellany by Mark Davies I won’t dwell on the fairly well known history and background to the Boulton Paul Defiant. Suffice to say it was for its time a well designed solution to an ill-considered air-fighting concept and technically demanding specification. Given its vulnerability to single-seat fighters […]

MPM’s Boulton Paul Defiant

Group Project of a Lifetime by Moreno Bartolucci , Associazione Modellisti Chiaravallessi The idea to build a 1/25 scale model of the Abbazia of Chiaravalle was born quite in the same instant as the inception of the Associazione Modellisti Chiaravallesi club back in 2002. So it is very difficult for […]

Abbazia of Chiaravalle, Part 1: The Brick Machine

Or: Bang for the Buck Part III by Rafi Ben-Shahar I am not a great fan of topics related to aircraft of the Israeli Defence Force. Yet, from the perspective of model making, I cannot turn a blind eye to the geographical proximity and high accessibility to related references. The […]

IDF F-16A Fighting Falcon