Volume 3 – 1999

by Janne Nilsson   One more figure from Wolf in 54mm scale . The figure was a one-piece casting with a base included. A bag, sabre and gear was molded into the base. I built up my new scene were around the included base. Some new branches were added to […]

Chef d’Escadron

by Nils Mathisrud English translation by Martin Waligorski Republic Thunderjet was the first fighter that Norway received as defence aid from USA and the type that was operated in biggest numbers by the Royal Norwegian Air Force (Luftforsvaret). It also happened to be one of the most colorful aircraft flown […]

Modelling Tamiya’s F-84G Thunderjet

Photos by Peter Alsterberg Text by Martin Waligorski We’ve decided to show off some of the work that people from IPMS Stockholm have completed recently. During recent year or so the modelling activity in our club really improved, which resulted in many excellent models on the table each month. We […]

IPMS Stockholm’s Showcase February 1999

by Mark Wlodarczyk  This is the English source text of the article published in the Japanese ”Scale Aviation” magazine of December 1998. The article has been previously published on the web at Mark’s personal site www.marksindex.com . IPMS Stockholm has a pleasure of re-issuing this excellent material through author’s permission […]

The Building of Zero

by Magnus Fridsell The MPM Fw-190 V1 As a start to my collection of famous fighter prototypes, I choose the MPM short run injection kit of the Fw-190 V1. Built and flown at the very end of the 1930s, the full size aircraft ranks among the top fighters of World […]

Building the Fw 190 prototype

Photos by Magnus Fridsell Text by Martin Waligorski ”The Jug” Affectionately nicknamed Jug, the P-47 was one of the most famous fighter planes of the World War II. Did you ever wonder why the first production version of the Thunderbolt was designated P-47B instead of -A? Well, funny enough, the […]

Republic P-47D Thunderbolt in Detail

av Joachim Smith, IPMS -454 För ungefär ett år sen satte jag mig ner att fundera över min verklighet som modellbyggare. Ålder: 51 år. Tid över för att bygga: mindre och mindre. Antal färdiga modeller det senaste året: två (nästan). Halvfärdiga projekt: ett tjugotal. Obyggda modeller på vinden: en bit […]

Modellbygge från en ny vinkel

A review of the Fujimi Supermarine Spitfire Mark XIVc (and V-1 Flying Bomb)  by  Jeff Warshaw All those magic moments… For me, as a scale modeler, there are two moments in the process which are almost magical. The first is opening the box and seeing the kit for the first […]

Shelf Space

av Janne Nilsson     This little scene started with an injection-moulded figure from Tamiya in 1/35th scale. The figure one was first brush-painted using Humbrol enamels, then shaded and highlighted using pastel chalks. The whole project was executed to illustrate some basic figure painting techniques for a magazine article […]


Photos courtesy of Gary Hethcoat, The Virtual Hangar Text by Martin Waligorski Luftwaffe 1946? I must admit that when I first saw a Dragon kit of Horten Ho IX (see the end of this article) a few years ago, I thought ”well, another one of those Luftwaffe 1946 paper aircraft”. […]

Horten IX (Gotha Go 229) in detail

A Review of the Accurate Miniatures 1/48 Yakovlev Yak-1 by Jeff Warshaw Not for the beginner For several years I have been reading professional magazine reviews of Accurate Miniatures highly-detailed kits. From the articles, it seemed like the modeler had to be a top-notch, A-1 competitor (the kind who airbrush […]

Legacy of the White Rose

Photos by Peter Alsterberg Text by Martin Waligorski Here are some new models recently completed by members of IPMS Stockholm. We hope that you’ll enjoy the photos. Regrettably the models look even better in reality then they do on pictures. See you at the meeting next time… 🙂 A wonderful […]

IPMS Stockholm’s Showcase March 1999

text by Magnus Fridsell model photo by Anders Nowotny This model is of the last SAAB J-35 Draken flown by the third squadron of F10 wing at Ängelholm in southern Sweden. The third squadron has always been referred to as yellow (first is red, second is blue). For the stand-down […]

The Last Draken

by Frank Spahr I returned to aircraft modelling a few years ago, having built a lot of Airfix kits in my teens, first without paint and always with some parts inexplicably left over, then with paint and mostly complete, but most of them ending by firecrackers in their fuselages or […]

Modelling Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate (Frank)

text by Martin Waligorski photos by Peter Alsterberg For a change I must admit I have never built a car model before. My modelling interests have always been connected to flying machines, and then mostly to 1/72nd scale. However, from time to time these tedious detail and paint jobs on […]

Building Tamiya’s Jaguar Mk. II