Volume 3 – 1999

by Janne Nilsson   This model originated from a resin figure from Verlinden in 1/32 scale. I altered the pose was by placing ammo boxes in the figure´s hands. I also added a new head. The converted figure was then painted with Humbrol enamels. The base was built up using […]


Photos by Magnus Fridsell Text by Martin Waligorski Britain’s last Biplane Fighter The Gloster Gladiator was the RAF’s last biplane fighter. Gloster designed the prototype as a private venture S.S.37 , a successor to the Gauntlet then in RAF service. In July 1935 the Gladiator was ordered for the RAF […]

Gloster Gladiator in Detail

Photos by Peter Alsterberg Text by Martin Waligorski Many modelling magazines and e-zines (including ours) devote much of their attention to advanced modelling projects. These often involve skills and techniques, and first of all – spent time – that perhaps goes beyond of what an average modeler can afford to […]


text by Martin Waligorski photos by Peter Alsterberg Bo Genvad’s modelling interests circulate around an area as specialised (or wide if you prefer) as US Navy experimental aircraft. Here are some samples of Bo’s growing collection of 1/72 models. The period of 1940s to 1950s was the golden age of […]

US Navy X-Fighters

A history of Fairey Battle L5343 by Ragnar J. Ragnarsson ”My” Battle I was a member of the team that salvaged L5343 from the interior of Iceland in 1972, where she’d been laying since 13 September 1940 when she made a forced-landing on account of an engine failure. Being an […]

Battle Addendum

by Mats Hammar    ”No, you can’t take the boat with you when taking a bath with me!”   This article was originally published in IPMS Stockholm Magazine in August 1999.  

Arne (the Model Builder) No. 1

text by Martin Waligorski photos by Peter Alsterberg Carl-Johan Gunnarsson called this well-composed vignette ”Normandie 1944”. Somewhere in the vincinity of Caen, as can be read from a road sign on the wall. The vehicle shown is a British WASP Mk. II Flame-thrower Carrier. Carl-Johan converted Tamiya’s Mk II Universal […]

Normandie 1944

text by Martin Waligorski photos by Janne Nilsson   Has the IPMS Stockholm’s webzine suddenly become interested in oil paintings? Not really, but I just couldn’t resist this trick with one of Janne Nilsson’s newest creations – a bust of King Gustav II Adolf. Believe it or not – the […]

Löwe aus der Mittelnach

Searching for perfection with Revell’s Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-8 text by Martin Waligorski model photos by Peter Alsterberg ”An exceptionally accurate kit; (…) so accurate as to be almost unbelievable”. So enthusiastic was a review of Revell/ProModeler’s new 1/72 kit of Focke-Wulf’s famous fighter in Scale Aviation Modeller International vol. […]

Fw 190 Inside Out

English Electric Lightning in detail by Frank Spahr Hermeskeil Air Museum I recently visited the Flugausstellung Junior in Hermeskeil-Abtei, a place on the Hunsrück plateau south of the Mosel river (in Germany -Ed.). It is the largest privately owned air museum in western Europe, exhibiting 76+ planes on an area […]

Lightnings, and Other Things

by Mats Hammar   ”Arne has mixed up the time periods again”   This article was originally published in IPMS Stockholm Magazine in September 1999.  

Arne (the Model Builder) No. 2

by Anders Svennevik Just before New Year I bought the new Revell Mustang kit. I missed it first time round as it quickly sold out here in Stockholm. Revell’s choice of P-51B, the first Merlin-powered version of the Mustang, is interesting. It offers a welcome change from the plethora of […]

The pros and cons of the new Revell 1/72 Mustang

by Göran Kindlund Det här är en byggsats som jag själv är väldigt nöjd med men som aldrig rönt någon uppmärksamhet på någon utställning. Förmodligen är den för anonym. This is a model with which I am personally very pleased, but which somehow fails to capture any attention on model […]

1966 Ford Fairlane 500

text by Martin Waligorski photo by Peter Alsterberg In our series of articles devoted to modelling the last flying J35 Drakens (see the first article from the March 1999 Issue of The Magazine, and the second one from June – Ed.), we have previously mentioned the 2nd squadron of F10 […]

Drakens are Forever (Continued)

text by Martin Waligorski photo by Peter Alsterberg Do you remember the Swordfish-marked J-35 Draken from the March Issue of our Magazine? Here is another of ”the last”. Mats Lindegren built and detailed this model from the Hasegawa kit. The model represents a J-35 J ser.no. 35586 serving with F10 […]

Drakens are Forever