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by Bob Laskodi   C’mon people, rigging a WWI airplane is not rocket science, and takes no more modelling skill than filling a seam! You can do this! Rigging Truthfully, rigging an airplane is not difficult. It is time consuming and tedious. First… First you need a plan. You should […]

Rigging a World War I Aircraft

Tech Tips by Michael Gleffe English translation by Martin Waligorski   Without a doubt, the least interesting and sometimes bothersome aspect of airbrushing is cleaning the equipment. Neglecting to clean a brush properly is the most certain way of assuring yourself of never-ending frustration while painting. Often, thorough cleaning alone […]

Keeping Your Airbrush Shiny and Clean

Tech Tips by Martin Waligorski   Few household products have made more significant career in the world of scale modelling than Future Floor Wax. A clear acrylic high-gloss floor finish, it was discovered for our hobby through the improvement it could bring to clear plastic parts – aircraft canopies in […]

Improving Clear Parts With Future Floor Wax

Tech Tips by Urs Bopp, IPMS Matterhorn Circle A common finish to many interesting aircraft of the World War II and 1950s era is natural metal. Producing a convincing look of a metal surface on a model is widely considered to be the hardest finish to get right. During recent […]

Natural Metal for the Masses

Tech Tips by Rafi Ben-Shahar We all know that camouflage schemes are better at concealing their subjects when less light is reflected from the paint coats, thus blending with the surrounding backgrounds. Aircraft however, are tricky subjects. While a matt coat would certainly serve its purpose, a close inspection of […]

Henschel Hs-129B and the Magic of Buffing

av Johan Hugogård Denna artikel beskriver hur man snabbt kan ordna en tryckutjämningstank, med hjälp av det man har med sig på ett byggmöte. Bakgrund Det hela började med en förfrågan på vårt forum. Det var en kille (Fredde) som ställde en fråga på vårt forum. Han hade fått problem […]

Att snabbygga en tryckutjämningstank

av Bruce Grinstead Denna artikel är en kort översikt över hur man målar ett figuransikte… avsedd som en riktlinje så att du kan komma igång med att experimentera själv och komma fram till ett sätt som du själv trivs bäst med. Ett antal färger användes: Model Masters light och warm […]

Att måla ansikten

av Johan Hugogård IPMS Stockholm Många undrar hur de skall gå till väga för att hålla sina spruta ren och välfungerande. Faktum är att de flesta problem som brukar uppstå med airbrushsprutor beror på bristfällig rengöring. I detta fall tänkte jag vis hur jag brukar göra ren min Evolutionspruta. Det […]

Att göra ren sin Airbrush

by Johan ”Hugis” Hugogård The cyanoacrylate glue, popularly referred to as superglue is one of those additions to the workbench which brought a small technological revolution in modelling. Not only did it allow to bond different materials such as metal to plastic, but also opened up the way for entirely […]

Good to Know About Superglue

by Johan ”Hugis” Hugogård, IPMS Stockholm Many people wonder how to keep their airbrush clean and well-functioning.The fact is that most of the problems that occur with airbrushes are related to lack of or wrong cleaning of the equipment. Therefore I have assembled the following pictorial guide in which I […]

Airbrush Cleaning Pictorial

  Models that sport bare metal skins attract attention because they look very authentic. At the same time some modellers may prefer the simple presentation of an aircraft undisturbed by complex camouflage patterns. It seems that most bare metal modellers are fans of USAF fighters and bombers that appeared between […]

Bare Metal and USAF Aircraft

I believe it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: scribing panel lines on a model is a technique that requires some experience to get right. Four distinct issues arise in scribing a plastic model: Choosing the tool to use; Planning where to scribe; Guiding the scribing tool; and […]

Scribing Panel Lines