Volume 7 – 2003

by Martin Waligorski   Like many modellers, every once in a while I work from scale drawings. The drawings are most effective when printed in the exact scale of the model. If done so, they can be used directly for dimensional measurements by laying the model parts on top of […]

Scale Drawings Conversion Chart

by Wolfgang Henrich About the subject Gerhard Fieseler was credited with 22 aerial victories as a fighter pilot in World War I, but this is not what he is remembered for in the first place. His glory days came after the war, as he became one of Germany’s greatest aerobatic […]

The Little Known Fieseler F5

model by Magnus Löfqvist text and photos by Martin Waligorski   Approximately 200 units were formed in Georgia in service to the Confederate States before and during the Civil War. One of them was Georgia 5th Infantry Regiment . It was organized on May 11th, 1861, with further companies joining […]

5th Georgia Infantry, 1861

by Tomasz Gronczewski  Iron dog? It is really hard to find a more controversial fighter aircraft of the World War II period than Bell P-39 Airacobra. It was loved by ones, hated by others and gained radically different opinions from pilots flying it. To some extent, the Bell fighter may […]

Bell P-39 Airacobra in USAAF Service

Haupt. Josef Priller’s Fw 190A-5 in 1/72 scale by Kuba Plewka photos by Kuba Plewka and Mirek Rawinski   Fw 190 is my long-time favourite fighter. I thoroughly like its shape, the many paint schemes and versions. The A-5 was one of the more important fighter variants of the Wurger, […]

The Famous Jutta

Skoda R2 TACAM Tank Destroyer model by Micke Arreborn text and photos by by Martin Waligorski     It looks like one more variation on the Marder concept,    but it isn’t. Well, at least strictly speaking. Like the Marder, Romanian R2 TACAM anti-aircraft gun was the result of an […]

Romanian Marder

Text by Martin Waligorski Photos: Center of Military History, US Navy; Air Force Historical Research Agency   ”Ever since the days of the Phoenicians, the ability to land on defended shores has been a source of strength for those who possess it and a source of concern for those who […]

US Beach Landing Operations, 1943-45, Part 2

Academy’s 1/72nd Scale PBY-5 Catalina by Darrell Carney   Consolidated’s venerable Catalina was born from a 1933 US Navy requirement for a new long range flying boat. First flown in 1935 the design matured into the distinctive twin engine, high wing patrol aircraft that saw service in every theater of […]

Out of the Big Box

…or How My Airfix Auster Survived for 20 Years!  by Magnus Fridsell   That magic ”first model” Very few people’s “first models” seem to have survived, according to the tales one hear at the club meetings, many met an early death in the form of a match, firecracker or even […]

Do You Remember Your First Plastic Model?

Text by Martin Waligorski Photos: Center of Military History, US Navy   June marks the anniversary of D-Day landings, so it feels all the more appropriate to present our new photo album this month. It was almost 60 years ago that Allied forces surprised German defenders with an invasion of […]

US Beach Landing Operations, 1943-45, Part 1

artwork by Tor Karlsson text by Martin Waligorski   First announced in September 1973, the Bell 206L Long Ranger was developed to meet a requirement for a turbine-powered general-purpose helicopter in a size and performance range between the five-seat Jet Ranger II and 15-seat Model 205A-1. The original Model 206L […]

Bell 206L Long Ranger in Swedish Police Service

The Definitive Kit of the Cold War Armour Classic is Here by Brandon Hopkins About 12 years ago, I watched a movie called The Beast. In its most basic description, it’s a movie about the fall of a Russian tank crew in the Russian/Afghan war in the 1980’s. The tank […]

T-55 by Tamiya

model by Magnus Löfqvist text and photos by Martin Waligorski   After the death of King Charles II a succession dispute   developed between his brother, James VII of Scotland and II of England and his son-in-law, William of Orange. The entire history if this conflict is not within the scope […]

Highland Clansman, Culloden 1746

Modelling the RX-79G Gundam by Fernando Cuenca I have been scale modelling on and off for about 10 years, during that time I only modelled WWII bombers in 1/48 scale. This suddenly changed after a trip to the U.S. last year, where I discovered a whole new world of models. […]

The Future of Armour

Thunderbolt II from 261 Sqn RAF  by Leonard Thomson   This is the Revell (Germany) kit of the P-47D Thunderbolt in 1/72 scale. I had heard very good reports about this kit from Drewe Manton, and spotted one in the shops for something like £2.99. Very cheap. I have been […]

Thunderbolt for the British