Volume 10 – 2006

Bringing the Old Testors F-104C Kit up to Modern Standards by Alejandro Nuñez   The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter was one of the most extreme designs of ”Kelly” Johnson, Lockheed’s famous chief designer. It grew out of the combat experience of the Korean conflict, where many of the American pilots felt that the […]

With Plastic Card and Kitchen Foil

Modelling Zvezda’s 1/35 T-72B/EDZ by Thomas Johansson   Many of us Swedes remember how it was to grow up in the shadow of the Red Bear, that is probably the main reason why many modellers are still intrigued by Russian armour, myself included. In the Swedish Defence military exercises during the […]

T-72: Red Armour

1/48 Kit Roundup by Rafi Ben-Shahar   The 1/48 Spitfire Mk. IX and its twin, the Mk. XVI have been a problematic issue in plastic modelling. Several companies tried to satisfy a seemly large segment in the modelling community with this classic and beautiful aircraft. However, results were disappointing and […]

In Search of the Perfect Spitfire Mk. IX

A Diorama in 1/72 Scale by Jonas Dahlberg   The diorama shows a section of the Eastern Front under attack by the Red Army in the early spring of 1944. The T-34 tank has just had its turret blown off by the tank-busting Junkers Ju 87 Stuka piloted by Hans-Ulrich Rudel. […]

Rudel Saves the Day!

Czech Master Resin 1:72 Hughes Racers by Mark Davies   The Hughes H-1 racer may be familiar to many as a result of the movie The Aviator where Leonardo de Caprio played Howard Hughes, and crashed an H-1 into a beet field. This sleek-looking aircraft was very advanced for 1935 with its highly streamlined […]

H for Hughes

Building Revell/Monogram 1956 Chevy Nomad by Niclas Proos   Several years ago I bought a Revell/Monogram 1956 Chevy Nomad at a local toy store. I didn’t have any special feeling for the car at the time, the kit was just cheap and that was sufficient enough to let it follow me […]

Feeling Green!

About Reversing Decal Silvering by Rafi Ben-Shahar   A nice but somewhat old model from my display cabinet… …upon closer inspection sadly displays decal ageing problems. Note the visible decal film around the swastika on the fin. It wasn’t there when the model was new! A view from slightly different […]

Ageing Models, Silvering Decals and Biological Warfare

Trophy Models’ 1/35 BRDM-1 Soviet Armoured Car by Peter Holst   This started out as a bet between me and two of my modelling friends. The objective was to build an armoured car to C4-Open 2005 (a yearly modelling show in Malmö, Sweden – Ed.). The guy who failed to get […]

Dinner Winner

Italeri 1/48 Fiat CR.42 in a Wintry Setting model by Anders Johansson   An overview of the fighter base at lake Loussajärvi with my grandfather’s boat house in the foreground. The Fiat CR.42 Falco was a popular if somewhat outdated aircraft in the Swedish inventory during World War II. My […]

Fiat on the Lake

Opel-Sander RAK.1 Rocket-Powered Glider from Czech Master Resins by Mark Davies   The Opel-Sander RAK.1 was designed by an engineer named Hatry, and first flown at Frankfurt-Rebstock on September 30th, 1929. It was a rocket powered glider, and one of a series of experiments in rocket-powered propulsion by car-magnate Fritz von […]

Something Unusual

Artwork by Anton Alm Text by Magnus Fridsell and Martin Waligorski     The FFVS J 22 was a fighter aircraft developed in Sweden as a stop-gap measure during World War II. Very little known internationally, it was an important episode in the development of the Swedish aircraft industry and as such has been […]

The FFVS J 22 in Profile

Aircraft and Colours of the Rhodesian Air Force Photos by Phillip Evans Text by Martin Waligorski   Throughout its history, the Rhodesian Air Force has been serving under many names and markings. The South Rhodesian Air Force was first established in September 1939 as a transition of a humble Southern […]

Aircraft and Colours of the Rhodesian Air Force

Two Versions of the Sword Curtiss SO3C Seamew in 1/72 Scale by Peter Ibes (IPMS Netherlands) When you talk about lesser known aircraft of World War 2, the Curtiss SO3C Seamew is truly one of them. If it were not for Sword from the Czech Republic it is very doubtful any manufacturer would ever have […]

The Reluctant Dragon

About Modelling Emhar’s 1/72 Kit by Kozel   This is my 1/72 German panzer A7V, built from the Emhar kit. Emhar’s braille-scale A7V is a simple kit, yet offers a commendably delicate detail. The assembly is straightforward with no show-stoppers, making this a perfect kit for an in-between project. I painted […]

A7V – The First German Panzer

Building the Czech Master Resin 1/72 kit by Mark Davies     Background Latvia’s most prolific aero engineer was Karlis Irbitis. He began work on an indigenous fighter around 1938 by selecting and engine of low frontal area and technical simplicity for easy field servicing. This led to consideration of […]

Latvia’s Little Hawk – the VEF Irbitis I-16