Olles Matchbox German WWII portfolio

I have been responsible for the Matchbox Sig at our annual contest/event for the last couple of years.

Thus I want to bring to you some of my Matchbox models in this portfolio.

A Matchbox airplane should always have a pilot.


Messerschmitt Bf-109E in Battle of Britain colours.

me-109-800-vit-1 me-109-800-vit-3 me-109-800-vit-4 me-109-800-vit-5 me-109-800-vit-6



One more BoB Messerschmitt Bf-109E

me109-800-5 me109-800-4 me109-800-3 me109-800-2 me109-800-1




More BoB this time a Messerchmitt Bf-110C

me-110-1 me-110-2 me-110-3 me-110-5 me-110-6 me-110-8



Henschel Hs-126 in green livery

henschel-hs-126-5 henschel-hs-126-4 henschel-hs-126-3 henschel-hs-126-2 henschel-hs-126-1



The Henschel Hs-126 was also used in North Africa hence the desert camouflage

hs-126-trop-1 hs-126-trop-2 hs-126-trop-3 hs-126-trop-5 hs-126-trop-6



At least the box had a Matchbox lable, but the Dornier Do-17Z comes from an old Monogram mould. Battle of Britain livery

D0-17-1 Do-17-3 Do-17-4 Do-17-5 Do-17-6 Do-17-7 Do-17-8 Do-17-9 Do-17-10



Heinkel He-111 from Battle of Britain

He-111-8 He-111-6-10 He-111-5 He-111-3 He-111-1


Rote 190-1-6

Eine rotte Focke-Wulf Fw-190

Rote 190-1 Rote 190-5 Rote 190-4 Rote 190-3 Rote 190-2


Junker Ju-87G Stuka-6

A Junkers Ju-87G Stuka

Junker Ju-87G Stuka-1 Junker Ju-87G Stuka-3 Junker Ju-87G Stuka-5


Heinkel He-70 civil-6

A civilian Heinkel  He-70G

Heinkel He-70 civil-6 Heinkel He-70 civil-5


Heinkel He-70-1

And a military Heinek He-70G

Heinkel He-70-3 Heinkel He-70-2

Auch in rotte formation

_HD96585 _HD96584 _HD96583