08-Open Registration


Participation in the contest is open to anyone, not only IPMS members.


To participate in the contest you must first register yourself and your models with this registration form.

If you do not want to compete you can instead exhibit your models hors concours.
Registration form.

Fill in the form for each model you intend to exhibit. You can register more models than you eventually bring. There is no extra charge for extra models, but you cannot register onsite.

Your registration must be entered no later than Friday, 2022-04-01. There will be no registration at the contest.

If you have any further questions, please contact 08-open@ipmsstockholm.se.

At registration you must pay the registration fee to the account of IPMS Stockholm (IBAN: SE60 9500 0099 6034 0306 3609, BIC: NDEASESS) or pay through PayPal to kassor@ipmsstockholm.se. Write “08-Open 2022” and your name on the payment.

Registration fee (any number of models):
IPMS members

  • Senior: 100 SEK
  • Youth (up to and incl 17): 50 SEK
  • Junior (up to and incl 14): Free

Proof of membership is to be presented at checkin.

Non IPMS members

  • Senior: 200 SEK
  • Youth (up to and incl 17 years): 100 SEK
  • Junior (up to and incl 14 years): Free


Models shall be checked-in on Saturday 2022-04-09, 10:00–11:30. Do not wait until the last moment, please be there on time!

Closing of the exhibition

Models may not be removed before 15:30 Sunday 2022-04-10, but should be removed as soon as possible after the closing of the exhibition at 16:00.

Judges wanted!

If you want to serve as judge or be an “apprentice judge” at 08-Open, please contact our head judge Joakim Hultman !

Sign up now!

If you have participated in, or attended, a few earlier 08-Open events and are reasonably familiar with the proceedings you are welcome to volunteer as judge. You have to be prepared to discuss judging with modeller colleagues. You may participate in the competition as judge, though you may of course not judge the classes where you have entered models.

More information on the competition

Note that when you fill in the registration form you describe the model, you don’t enter it in any particular class. The classification is done by the competitions committee when all models have been registered.

A class is defined by four properties:

1. The Category describes the subject:
A – Aircraft
B – Military vehicles
C – Civilian vehicles
D – Boats and Ships
F – Figures
H – Helicopters
P – Artillery pieces (non-self-propelled)
Q – Theme of the Year
R – Racing cars
S – Scratch-built
T – Theme collections
U – Submarines
V – Fictional creatures
X – Dioramas (all types)
Y – Vignettes
Z – Pre-build models
Ö – Others (horses, birds, buildings, spaceships etc)

2. The Scale is given as a ratio (e.g. “1/144}); for figures it may also be given as the height in millimetres.

3. Subdivisions are the following properties::

Category A (Aircraft):

  • Jet (and rocket-propelled)
  • Propeller (and gliders. Jet + propeller count as propeller.)
  • Number of engines.

Category B (Military vehicles):

  • Soft-skin
  • Hard-skin
  • Wheeled, tracked, or half-track.

Category C (Civilian vehicles):

  • private cars (as well as pickups)
  • Lorries (as well as trailers, busses, work vehicles, etc)
  • Motorcycles

Category D (Boats and Ships):

  • Sailboats (and rowboats)
  • Motorboats (main propulsion)

Category F (Figures) and V (Fictional creatures):

  • Busts
  • Full figures

The other categories have no subdivisions.

4. N.B. For Subject indicate what the model represents (e.g. Messerschmitt Me-109 G-6), its nationality (e.g. Finnish) and in which year it is shown (e.g. 1944).
This information may be used by the competition committee for further subdivisions as needed.

Enter information about the model and its subject. Write for the audience. For very rare subjects, please tell what it is—it has happened that an obscure armoured vehicle has been classed as some kind of weird experimental aircraft…

Juniors & Youth

The younger participants may compete in a Youth class (15–18) or Junior class (below 15). This means the model will be judged with other models made by modellers of the same age. If one prefers to compete with the Seniors this is of course permitted. Check the box “Youth” or “Junior” on the registration form to indicate that you wish to participate in these classes.

N.B. These classes are normally not divided into categories as the senior classes, there is usually only one each of Youth and Junior classes and all kinds of models will compete against each other in these classes.

If you have built three models but want to compete in the Youth class with only one of them, you can do this by checking the corresponding box for that model.

Judging and prizes

Judging is done by modellers, each class is judged by two judges.

The following criteria are used for judgement:

  1. General impression
  2. Building skills
  3. Detailing
  4. Painting and finish

For Dioramas Idea & composition is added to the criteria.

The collections are judged on Idea, Building and Presentation.

Pre-built models are judged on General impression and Detailing.

For each class a Class winner is selected. In addition models may be Commended or Specially Commended. These are selected by the main judge.

This year’s theme: The journey

Build a model on the theme of the journey to  compete in this year’s theme class.

Special prize: “A Connecticut Yankee in King Gustav’s Court Trophy”

Our transatlantic friends Barry Davidoff and IPMS Connecticut Yankee have, in order to support modelling in general, the modelling of US subjects with a Swedish connection in particular, and tying connections between the continents, sponsored the “A Connecticut Yankee in King Gustav’s Court Trophy” (named for the book by Mark Twain), a challenge prize to be awarded each year at 08-Open.

The rules are as follows: The model should be of a US subject with a connection to Sweden. It may be a person or a thing that has been born, constructed or produced in the USA, but lived or been used in Sweden, or strongly connected with Sweden through history or recent events.