Modelmanufacturers choiche of colorbrand

A short survey on the Internet has shown the following color choices from the model manufacturers. building/painting instructions.
There is still more work to do to get a complete picture.
Updated as of july 2018

Colourbrand original Humbrol Gunze Color Gunze Hobby Gunze Acrysion Tamiya Vallejo Model master Ammo Mig AK Life color Revell Heller Italeri Akan Mr Paint Mission Models Agama Zvezda
Academy x x x x x x x
AFV Club x x x
AIM Fan Model ?
Airfix x
Ark models ?
Arsenal ?
Avis ?
AZ-models x
Bobcat ?
Bronco ?
Copper State Models ?
Dora Wings x
Doyusha x x
Dragon x x x
Dream-Model x x
Eduard x x x
Fine Molds x x x x
Fly x x x
Freedom x x
Fujimi x x
Gas Patch x
Great Wall Hobby  Pit-road x x
Hasegawa x x
Heller x
Hobbyboss x x x x x x x
ICM x x x
Italeri x
Kinetic x x x x x
KittyHawk x
KP-models x x
Mach2 ?
Mars Models x x x
Meng x x x
Mikro-Mir x
Miniart x x x x x x
Minicraft ?
ModselSvit x
Platz x x
Revell x
RS-Models x
RV Aircraft ?
SBS modell x
Sova-M x
Special Hobby x x
Sword x
Takom x
Tamiya x
Tarangus x x
Tiger x
Trumpeter x x x x x x
Valom x x x
Wingsys Kits x
Wolfpack x
Zvezda x? x x
Count 15 20 16 3 9 5 8 4 3 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 2 1