Dagsarkiv: 2012/02/26

Små korrigeringar på de göna dekorfälten gjordes med en tillmixad färg, samma färg användes även till fenspetsen. Trampytorna vid vingrötterna målades mattsvarta. Skyraidern var ofta riktigt grisig när det var mycket att göra, mekanikerna fick koncentrera sig på det som var viktigt. Några karaktäristiska avgasränder sprutades på, lite oljerinningar på […]

Airfix Airfield SIG; Douglas Skyraider, del 5

Av Mattias Linde   Under operation Desert Storm använde Amerikanska Marinen M60A1 Patton utrustade med reaktiva pansarplattor för att befria Kuwait. Särskilt utrustade vagnar med israeliska IDF TWMP (Track Width Mine Plough) minplogar och IDF CLAMS-boxar (Clear Lane Marking System) röjde väg genom de Irakiska minfälten så att övriga fordon […]

M60A1 Patton med minplog

Plastmodellbygge blev en tema för 1:a sidans reportage i stockholmstidningen Metro den 23:e juni 1997. Med tidningens tillstånd publicerar vi artikeltexten. Modeller blir historia i miniatyr 50-talets pojkhobby lockar i dag mest medelålders män Fråga män födda på 40- och 50-talen och minst varannan kan berätta att de i sin […]

Tidningen Metro om vår hobby

by Martin Waligorski Initially conceived as an upgraded, thin-wing Typhoon, the Tempest reached the ultimate in piston fighter performance. The Tempest Mk.II was designed to accommodate the Bristol Centaurus radial engine, thus loosing its beard-type radiator so typical for the Napier Sabre-powered Typhoons and Tempests. The prototype Tempest II made […]

Hawker Tempest Mk II in Detail

by Martin Waligorski Introduction Sometimes referred to as Salamander, the Heinkel He 162 was a rushed attempt to provide a mass-produced fighter that would stem the Allied bombing offensive on Germany. It was submitted by Heinkel to meet an 8 September 1944 requirement for a simple, lightweight jet fighter. The […]

Heinkel He 162 Volksjäger in Detail

by Martin Waligorski Introduction Biber was a mini-submarine used to some extent by Germans during World War II period. It could accommodate only a single crew, and offensive armament consisted of 2 torpedoes carried externally. This submarine is quite exotic as a modelling subject, no mainstream kit of it being […]

German Mini-Submarine Biber in Detail

by Martin Waligorski Introduction Of all artifacts at the Imperial War Museum in London, the beautifully preserved German WWII Jagdpanther especially catches the eye. I took some pictures of the vehicle for the IPMS Stockholm Web Site. Here they are. The SdKfz 173 Jagpanther was the result of the choice […]

SdKfz 173 Jagdpanther in Detail

by Martin Waligorski Introduction Did you already buy an Airfix 1/48 kit of a late mark Spitfire/Seafire? If not, you might want to reconsider – as of this writing it is certainly one of the most excellent Airfix kits ever! For all those who have it, here is a walk-around […]

Supermarine Spitfire F Mk 24 in Detail

by Martin Waligorski Introduction Grumman F4F Wildcat has been a popular modelling subject during recent years, the interest undobtedly boosted by some attractive new kits of this robust aircraft – Tamiya in 1/48th scale, and Hasegawa in 1/72nd, to name just two of them. Although we don’t have a proper […]

Grumman F4F Wildcat in Detail

by Martin Waligorski   Could IPMS Stockholms’ web site do without a Bf-109 walkaround? Of course not, so here it is… I took the pictures at the National Air & Space Museum, Washington D.C. during my visit in Autumn 1996. The Bf-109 featured is an early series G-6 with framed […]

Messerschmitt Bf-109G-6 in Detail

by Martin Waligorski The problem with Yak fighters Some modellers asked me before through the net about the Soviet Yakovlev Yak-1 fighter, its variants, camouflage and general info. This little article describes what I could find out about the subject. Surprisingly little is known about the Yak fighters in western […]

The Confusion About Yak-1

by Mark Wlodarczyk  This essay is part of a larger work on the Japanese Nakajima Ki-43 ”Oscar” fighter airplane, soon to be published in Polish by AJ Press in the ”Monografie Lotnicze”book series. An English translation will hopefully follow soon. The ”Oscar” was the Imp. Japanese Army’s main fighter during […]

IJA Type 1 Fighter Nakajima Hayabusa (Oscar)

by Martin Waligorski Some modellers on the web asked me before about Polish pre-war and World War II aircraft camouflage colors. The question is interesting as almost all previously released models of Polish aircraft – like Revell or Heller P.11, or Heller PZL 23 Karas, or even genuine Polish kits […]

Notes About Polish Air Force Colors, Of pre-World War II ...

by Martin Waligorski As a modeller returning to the hobby after several years’ inactivity, I found a whole new world of research about aircraft colors. During the seventies, every Luftwaffe aircraft model could be painted PLM 70/71/65 ”for accuracy”, and RAF Sky was still referred to as Duck Egg Blue […]

Notes About Luftwaffe Colors

by Martin Waligorski Introduction Airfix 1/72 Spitfire kit is very easily available. You can buy it in many toy shops. It’s cheap – probably one of the cheapest plastic models your money can buy. Airfix has tooled Spitfire Mk I in 1980. The molds were based on their earlier Spitfire […]

Modelling Airfix Spitfire in 1/72nd Scale