IPMS Open 2007 Photo Gallery

by Martin Waligorski
photo by Magnus Fridsell

IPMS Open is the annual model show and national Swedish modelling competition organized by IPMS Sweden. By international standards, it ranks as a mid-size show with about 350-400 competing models of all types on display. With over 25 years’ tradition, it is the largest such event in Scandinavia, although admittedly quite closely matched by the friendly events in Malmö (C4 Open) and Gothenburg (Modell Göteborg).

Photographic Tour

The following photo gallery provides a wide selection of the models from the exhibition.




Aircraft, 1/72 scale, jets


Aircraft, 1/72 scale, props

Aircraft, 1/48 scale

Aircraft, large scales



Military vehicles, 1/35 scale

Military vehicles, soft-skin 1/35 scale

Military vehicles, 1/72 and 1/76 scale

Military vehicles, soft-skin 1/72 and 1/76 scale


Ships, large scales

Ships, small scales

Cars and Bikes


Dioramas, small scales


Collections and theme displays

Theme class: Winter

Miscellaneous models


This article was originally published at IPMS Stockholms website 2007.