HKP 6 or Agusta-Bell 206A some photos

Augusta-Bell 206A in Swedish Navy use

Photos: Martin Nordström

Text: Lars Befring


Between 1970 and 2002 the swedish naval air flew 10 Augusta-Bell 206A:s, they where used mainly for light transport, ASW duties and pilot training.

These pictures where taken by Martin Nordström as he worked with the Helicopters during the 1980:ies





During Service:





From the paint instructions:


The paint instructions read:

Exterior paint;     325M Olive drab, Matt

Rotor blades;       Overside, Augusta Bell N2236/10 grigio verde

Underside, FS 595, Black

In front of windscreen; 095M Black, Matt

Interor;                  Olive drab

Floors;                    Unpainted

All fabric;              Close to 325, Olive drab

Text;                       12mm high, White unless othervise stated


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