Dagsarkiv: 2012/03/13

by Ricardo Dacoba English translation by Martin Waligorski With the big Heinkel He 177, Revell has once again delighted us with an excellent kit. This one fills also an important void – the only previously available kit of this aircraft was released in Airfix Series 5. It was good for […]

A Step Further, Superdetailing Revell’s Big Heinkel He 177

The Rocket that Launched Telecom and an Irony of the Cold War by Barry Davidoff and Tomas Kladiva   The Thor Able Star played a major role in the development of satellite communications. In 1960 it launched the world’s first active repeater communications satellite, Courier 1B. For 17 days Courier 1B received and […]

Modellers’ Guide To Thor-Able Star and Delta

by Barry Davidoff and Tomas Kladiva   The Thor Able Star that launched the Courier 1B Communications satellite on October 4, 1960 from Cape Canaveral and New Ware model of this Thor Able Star built by Thomas Kladiva   Tomas Kladiva is one of the world’s premiere spacecraft modellers. Not […]

Modelling the Thor-Able Star

Repetition is a Key to Your Development by Rafi Ben-Shahar Repetition is the highway to perfection. This is at least the way I feel. Many modellers may feel a bit tepid with respect to trying new techniques and approaching the building process with bold and revolutionary methods. Here is a […]

The Learning Modeller’s Manifesto

An Almost Forgotten Story About P-47 Thunderbolt in SwAF Service by Björn Goldman   This is the story about the Swedish J 27 Åskbollen. During the past 50 years, it has been one of the many classified and undisclosed stories of the Swedish Air Force. In fact, all but one […]

The Swedish ”Dunderbult”