Ingen Humbrol heller

På detta forum diskuteras allt om skalamodeller och relaterade ämnen såsom byggteknik, verktyg, byggsatser, modellrelaterad forskning, evenemang mm. Har du problem eller frågor har du också kommit till rätt ställe - tveka inte att ställa en fråga.
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Re: Ingen Humbrol heller

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God middag!
Also my local hobby shop has replaced the Humbrols with Revell enamels, and as far as I can understand, there's no real intention to revert to Humbrol either. However, as many others, I am pretty happy with my old Humbrols and would very much like to continue, so where do you get them from these days? I can't even find anyone willing to ship them to Sweden.

Any tips appreciated as I'm about to dry up.. ;)
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christer k
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Re: Ingen Humbrol heller

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Jag kan inte släppa det här med Humbrol i Sverige, så jag skrev igen till firman:

Dear Sirs,

Will it ever be possible to buy Humbrol enamels again here in Sweden? Is it a clearing from EU that is needed, as I understand that you have changed the paint formula. Has the wholesale dealer something to do with it? I have noticed that Revell is now taking over the market in Sweden, as the wholesale dealer is pushing their paint instead of Humbrol, and the shops has to comply. The paints racks are gone and are probably scrapped, which is a pity, and it will be difficult to relaunch the brand in the shops. Revells paint range is much smaller and is not an alternative, not for me anyway.

Yours sincerely,

Christer Karlsson

Här är deras svar:

Thank you for your email. Humbrol enamels should now be available in Sweden once again after being unavailable for a short time due to a regulation change. It is of course up to individual retailers whether or not to stock the paint once again and it may be that the ones you have consulted have chosen not to as I do not believe there is a reason that they would not be available.

Kind Regards,

Sam Coventon
Quality Control & Technical Support Assistant

Jag ska höra med Svenskt Konstnärscentrum vad de tror om detta, de är bra att ha att göra med. Det är ju inte bara modellbyggare som använder Humbrol. Men jag har inga illusioner då jag misstänker att allt måste gå genom generalagenten/importören.

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