Urban’s Colour Reference Charts, Australia

by Martin Waligorski

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Royal Australian Air Force Colours

This chart covers the World War II period. Presented colours had been produced to Australian specification. Of note is that many aircraft types imported from the UK and USA retained their respective finishes. Even aircraft paints were imported from these countries. See British and American charts for more details.

This chart has been last revised in September 2006.

RAAF, 1941-1945

Colour name






Polly S

Gunze Sangyo

Model Master

Dark Earth Topside camouflage FS:20099 8*Hu:110 + 2*Hu:113 + 1*Hu:33
K3 178 Foliage Green Topside camouflage FS:24092 Hu:149
Light Green Topside camouflage FS:24151 Hu:151
K3 189 Dark Slate Grey Topside camouflage FS:24159 6*Hu:78 + 1*Hu:161
K5 Light Green Topside camouflage FS:24159 6*Hu:78 + 1*Hu:161
K3 187 Extra Dark Sea Grey Topside camouflage FS:25045 2*Hu:189 + 2*Hu:190 + 1*Hu:149
K3 183 Medium Sea Grey Lower surfaces FS:26270 1*Hu:156 + 1*Hu:34

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