Mercedes Benz L3000

model by Lennart Malmros
text by Martin Waligorski

Together with Opel Blitz, the Mercedes-Benz L3000 3-Ton diesel truck was one of the primary transport vehicles of the German Army during World War II. 7434 units were made. The truck was powered with 6-cylinder 95hp engine.

Lennart Malmros built this 1/35 scale model from the Italeri kit.

The kit is one of Italeri’s older offerings. Judging by the modern standards, the quality of kit detail is still fine, but the age of the mould shows. There are numerous mould ejector pins placed in visible spots of the model. There were also many sink marks. Consequently, the model required a good deal of puttying and sanding work to bring it up to good standard. Otherwise the model was build straight from the box.

Lennart painted the model using Tamiya and Gunze acrylics followed by wash application. The dusty finish was then obtained by weathering with pastel chalks.



This article was originally published in IPMS Stockholm Magazine in March 2002.