Artiklar med svensk anknytning

by Martin Waligorski Photo: Martin Waligorski My Viggen story In my opinion the Viggen is still one of the most aesthetically pleasing modern aircraft in existence. I remember one spring evening waiting for at Ronneby airport in southern Sweden for my regional flight back to Stockholm. The capacious runway is […]

SAAB 37 Viggen in Detail

by Joachim Smith  S31 – Supermarine Spitfire PR Mk XIX The Spitfire PR Mk XIX was the last of the specialised photo reconnaissance Spits and the only one with a Griffon engine, being delivered to the RAF from mid-1944 to shortly after the end of WWII. Classic Charles Brown photo […]

Spitfire PR Mk XIX in Detail

by Michael Scalingi 11 o’clock view of Mike’s S31In conjunction with the kit survey for Spitfire PR Mk XIX (in August issue of The Magazine – Ed.) I want to point out that there is one other avenue a modeller could take to model a 1/32 scale PR Mk XIX. […]

Building a Large-Scale S31 Spitfire

10th Anniversary of first flight by Fredrik Zetterberg, Euroavia Stockholm Photos courtesy of SAAB Aerospace Enlish version, see below !  Klockan 12.22, den nionde september 1988, lyfte den första prototypen till JAS39 Gripen för första gången. JAS39 Gripen är det första flygplanet ur den fjärde generationen i tjänst. Dessutom är […]

JAS Gripen

by Michael Scalingi Building the Saab’s first jet ever A couple of years ago, a modelling buddy gave me Heller’s 1/72nd model of the Saab J 21A fighter (knowing that I liked Swedish subjects). He said ”see what you can do with that!” Well it sat on my kit shelf […]

Converting Heller’s SAAB J21A to J21R

by Anders Nowotny Helsingborgs Modellbyggarförening, Sweden The origin of SAAB Safir If you have the Heller 1/72 SAAB Safir in stock there is now the possibility to build the experimental aircraft SAAB 201 or a Safir A. This is due to a newly released conversion kit from Broplan of Poland. […]

Backdating Heller’s SAAB Safir to SAAB 201 Experimental Aircraft

text by Magnus Fridsell model photo by Anders Nowotny This model is of the last SAAB J-35 Draken flown by the third squadron of F10 wing at Ängelholm in southern Sweden. The third squadron has always been referred to as yellow (first is red, second is blue). For the stand-down […]

The Last Draken

text by Martin Waligorski photo by Peter Alsterberg In our series of articles devoted to modelling the last flying J35 Drakens (see the first article from the March 1999 Issue of The Magazine, and the second one from June – Ed.), we have previously mentioned the 2nd squadron of F10 […]

Drakens are Forever (Continued)

text by Martin Waligorski photo by Peter Alsterberg Do you remember the Swordfish-marked J-35 Draken from the March Issue of our Magazine? Here is another of ”the last”. Mats Lindegren built and detailed this model from the Hasegawa kit. The model represents a J-35 J ser.no. 35586 serving with F10 […]

Drakens are Forever

Pansarvärnspjästerrängbil 9031 fotad på Motorhistoriska dagen 2013           Bilder: Björn Bäcklund

VOLVO L3304 – Pvpjtgb 9031

Bilder på Svedinos J 35J  Draken                                                       Bilder: Björn Bäcklund

SAAB J 35J Draken

Karolinska ryttare från Armemuseet             Bild: Björn Bäcklund

Karolinska ryttare

Tack vare hjälpsamheten hos Svedinos museum kunde jag ta en del närbilder av prototyp nr.1.                       Riktiga flygplan är byggda i korrugerad plåt.  Till min glädje fanns det en bit även här.                 […]

SAAB 35-1 Drakenprototypen