Volume 6 – 2002

A 1/72 conversion of the civil Ju 86 to the Ju 86 R by Peter Ibes After several years off the production line, the Italeri Junkers Ju 86 1/72 kit is available again, in both military and civil guises. It is a real pity so few built models of this […]

High-Flying Diesel

by Christopher Holland Convincing groundwork is a necessary ingredient of any diorama. This article is a small guide to the for those who are new to the diorama making. I will concentrate on the techniques, not the artistics. Like many others, I have learnt a lot from Shepherd Paine’s book […]

Making Diorama Groundwork

by Andrew Dextras   As my usual domain is 1/35 armor, these small scale kits were built solely as a practical joke on a friend. Here is the Revell Cromwell and the Pz Kpfw IV Ausf. H from the same company, both in the 1/72 scale. I don’t really have […]

A Short Visit to Tinytown

artwork and photos by Ricardo Dacoba text by Martin Waligorski For a brief moment in the early 1950s, Argentina stood at the forefront of aviation development. The Pulqui series of jet fighters was a result of a bold undertaking envisioned to push the Argentinean industry into a completely new era. […]

Pulqui: Argentina’s Jet Adventure

by Mikael de Bourg Wetterlund   Working at the R&D department at a mobile phone manufacturer can have it advantages – especially when you are a modeller! There are many components that can be used for model building, if you have an open mind. One day, toying around with the […]

The Mobile Car

Hobbycraft F7U-3 built with a reason By Martin Waligorski based on the model description by L-G Johansson   ”I remember seeing this aircraft for the first time back in 1950s. I was a 10-years old lad wearing those rubber football shoes. I saw pictures of the Cutlass in a magazine, […]

There Was Something Special About the Cutlass…

By Christopher Holland This diorama pictures Canadian troops landing at the Juno beach in Normandy. Under heavy bombardment the landing craft is turning back to get another load of troops. ”Juno” was the code name for the second beach from the left of the five landing areas of the D-Day […]

Landing in Normandy

 By Tomasz Gronczewski As a complement to my profile article this month, here is a Fokker Dr.I flown by another famous German ace Paul Bäumer. Paul Baümer was 9th highest scoring German fighter pilot of the World War I. He destroyed 40 aircraft and 3 balloons. His other claim to […]

Paul Bäumer and his Fokker

Camouflage & Markings by Tomasz Gronczewski   This article shows two results of my colour research for my Fokker Dr. I projects. The featured machines constitute two fine examples of the Dr. I paint schemes. As I am particular interested in the personalities of the fighter aces, I have chosen […]

Fokker Dr. I Aces

Tech Tips by Magnus Fridsell As your aircraft modelling skills improve, you will probably sooner or later feel the urge to produce your own cockpit canopies. Those included in the kits are usually injection-moulded and in a state-of-the art modern kit it often means good enough. However, once you start […]

Moulding Canopies

By Andrew Dextras   This is my 1/35 Tamiya Marder III with Friul tracks and Jordi Rubio barrel, plus the scratchbuilt fighting compartment cover supports. Germany’s Waffenamt started development of the Marder series of self-propelled anti-tank guns in late 1941 to increase the mobility of anti-tank weapons by mounting them […]

Enjoying the Tamiya Marder

text by Magnus Fridsell artwork by Danny Coremans, Daco Products   As an addendum to this month’s ”In Detail” feature about RF-84F from Brussels , here is a short review of Belgian Thunderflash paint schemes. Belgian Air Force was an important overseas user of Republic jet aircraft. From the early […]

Republic RF-84F Thunderflash in Belgian Service

Photos and text by Magnus Fridsell The Thunderflash was the subject of an article on this site a few years ago with a detailed history and photos of a former West-German Airforce aircraft (RF-84F at Hermeskeil). With the recent re-issue of the only available kit in 1/72 from Italeri, there […]

Republic RF-84F Thunderflash in Detail (Reprise)

Academy’s Kit Built OOB by T J Tang A few years after the end of WWII The IDF (Israeli Defence Force) had a larger fleet of U.S. Sherman tanks than any other country in the world. Beginning with ex-British WWII era vehicles, more Shermans were purchased from a number of […]

Israeli M51 Isherman

By Martin Waligorski based on model description by Andreas Herbst   As a modeller, Andreas Herbst has a particular talent for things tiny. Whenever I encounter his contest-quality armour models in 1/72 scale, I know it’s worth taking a closer look at them. So even with his latest creation presented […]

M16 Half-Track by Andreas Herbst