Volume 3 – 1999

by Göran Kindlund En replika av Björn Waldegårds vinnarbil i Monte Carlo rallyt 1969.  Modellen kommer från Fujimis Enthusiast Models serie. Denna serie från Fujimi är sannolikt de mest detaljerade bilbyggsatser som finns i skala 1/25. Jag har inte ändrat så mycket mer än försett den med tävlingsattribut – stolar, […]

Porsche 911S

by Martin Waligorski Bf 109 Reprise… When this webzine was started almost three years ago, I wrote: Could the IPMS Stockholm’s site do without a decent Bf 109 walkaround? Of course not…As our veteran readers will remember, we’ve been on this subject twice already: The NASM Bf-109G-6 was our walkaround […]

Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10 in Detail

by Charles Metz with contributions by others as noted I believe it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: scribing panel lines on a model is a technique that requires some experience to get right. Four distinct issues arise in scribing a plastic model: Choosing the tool to use; […]

Scribing Panel Lines

by Mats Hammar   ”It is really pretty, darling. Think that you’ve found a piece of World War 2 junk after only three days.”   This article was originally published in IPMS Stockholm Magazine in October 1999.    

Arne (the Model Builder) No. 3

by Göran Kindlund English translation by Magnus Fridsell   1958 Chevrolet Impala, renoveringsobjekt När vi startade Capital City Modelers så ordnade vi ett klubbprojekt. Med hjälp av Harambee Hobby fick vi köpa en låda modeller till inköpspris så vi kunde dela ut en modell till samtliga medlemmar. Uppgiften var att […]

Chevy Impala, Restoration Object

by Rick Kent Gloster Gladiator in Profile Throughout aviation history, few aircraft reached the level of design elegance equal to that of British biplanes at the peak of their development in the 1930s. Classic designs like Hawker Hind, Fury or Gloster Gladiator all prove the point. The Gladiator was produced […]

Camouflage and markings of Gloster Gladiator

text by Martin Waligorski photos by Peter Alsterberg Mats Hammar… …is the author of this action-packed diorama where German troops of an anti-tank unit are trying to get the Pak 40 gun rolling. Mats entitled it Regroup! Normandy 1944 The visual axis of the composition is formed by the vehicle […]

Regroup! Normandy 1944

by Mats Hammar   ”Broken again? Of course, Arne didn’t put an engine inside!”   This article was originally published in IPMS Stockholm Magazine in November 1999.

Arne (the Model Builder) No. 4

text by Martin Waligorski photo by Peter Alsterberg   Type XXI represented the peak of German U-boat development, and was much copied even long after the end of World War II. Derived from the hull of the type XVIII, the type XXI had a diesel-electric engine system comparable to that […]

UBoot Type XXI (With Interior)

by Frank Spahr Part III In the first and second parts of this series devoted to Hermeskeil aircraft museum in Germany, we looked at two massive fighters: English Electric Lightning F.2A and a North American F-100F Super Sabre. A closer look at the Republic RF-84F will conclude the series. The […]

Republic RF-84F Thunderflash in Detail

by Magnus Fridsell Wallace and Gromit …   …have been long time favourites both with me and with my girlfriend Ulrika, so when the newsletter from Hannants dropped in to my mailbox I promptly ordered both the available kits. Those are from the film ”A Close Shave” from the middle […]

Airfix Wallace and Gromit Kits

by Mats Hammar     ”Don’t worry about Arne. He’s just sulky that we didn’t go to Crete where the Germans conducted operation Mercury.”   This article was originally published in IPMS Stockholm Magazine in December 1999  

Arne (the Model Builder) No. 5

text and drawings by Martin Waligorski model photos by Peter Alsterberg Not only D-Day   Many aircraft color schemes require painting multicolor stripes of different kinds. The most well-known examples are of course D-Day stripes, but the stripe markings were widely used on other occasions. Multicolor Reich’s Defense tail bands […]

Painting Stripes

text by Martin Waligorski photos by Peter Alsterberg   André Kristoffersen is a modeller who isn’t easily put off by complex projects. This stripped-down model of Fieseler Fi-156 Storch is in 1/72nd scale!     The basis of the model is Eduards kit no.7008 Fieseler Fi 156 Storch ”Strip Down”. […]

Stripped-down Stork

Building a 1964 Falcon Futura Sprint by Göran Kindlund English translation by Magnus Fridsell Ford i Monte Carlo I början på 60-talet beslöt Ford att ”go racing” i stor stil. Det mest kända resultatet är väl 4 LeMans-segrar på ”raken” i slutet av 60-talet med den legendariska Ford GT40. Mindre […]

Ford Goes Racing