Lars Befring

by Rafi Ben-Shahar I chose to present here a subject that is somewhat overlooked on the web. Trumpeter released the Soviet SA-2 Guideline launcher and carrier some 3 years ago and it went almost without a notice thanks to other impressive 1/35 kits that appeared at the same time some […]

Trumpeter’s 1/35 SA-2 Carrier and Launcher

by Tomasz Gronczewski Lance Cleo Wade – American RAF Ace Lance Wade was one of the top US aces fighting within RAF. In early 1941 he volunteered into American Eagle Squadrons but in fact he never flew with any of them. Instead of that he was posted to Malta and later […]

Lance Wade – Desert Spitfire Ace

Small Scale Aircraft Straight From the Box: Tamiya 1/72 Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9 by Anders Isaksson Background It was time for a small project that would build fast and let me end up with the satisfaction of actually completing a model. That was the idea and the Tamiya 72nd scale Fw-190D-9 […]

Ordinary For a Change

Superdetailing Airfix 1/72 Avro Vulcan by Jan Forsgren The Avro Vulcan was developed in parallel with other British bombers of the V-series and put into service in 1957. The iconic delta wing made the Vulcan to an one-of-a-kind sight in flight and gained it a nickname Tin Triangle. When the […]

Tin Triangle

Superdetailing the 1/48 Eduard Profipack Kit by Lars Qvarfordt   When Eduard gave us modellers a really nice kit of Airco DH-2 in the 1/48 scale, I couldn’t resist it. I have always had a weak spot for this pusher. There is always a challenge for me trying to get out […]

Close-up on Airco DH-2

Modellbygge bland kärnstridsspetsar och besökare   Bild och Text;  Lars Befring, Joakim Hultman   I ett sammarbete med Armémuseum höll vi ett kombinerat Byggmöte och Prova-på-Bygge i museet. Dom första tappra samlades tidigt lördag morgon och ställde upp bord och organiserade byggplatser innan museet öppnade klockan 11. Sedan rullade byggandet på med avbrott för fika, lunch, samtal, beundran av andras byggande, kakor, byggteorisamtal, förevisning för nyfikna, fika, undvikande av tunnor, utdelning av tunnor och mycket mycket mer! Vi hade besök från Linköping och Malmö och några IPMS-hangarounds som normalt inte dyker upp på veckomöten. Prova-på-Bygget lockade! det är alltid lika kul att se hur fokuserade våra besöksbyggare är och hur kreativa dom […]

Bygghelg på Armémuseum

by Sven-Åke Grufstedt Introduction Many years ago I was very into modelling but for many reasons I put the hobby on hold and now, 20 years after my last kit was built I started again. And I can tell you that it was truly an eye-opener to realise how much the […]

Building and Painting the Revell 1/72 Merkava Mk. III

by Martin Waligorski Many vintage and not-so-vintage aircraft had their landing or navigational lights incorporated in the wing leading edge, its lower surface or the surface of the fuselage, with the transparent glazing flush with the aircraft’s skin, a good example being this photo of the Hawker Hurricane. Also, camera ports […]

Landing Lights From Cello Tape

1/48 DML Focke-Wulf Fw 190D by Lee Micheltree   Yes, this Dora (that’s her name) came out pretty well……better than I’d hoped. She’s actually the first Axis aircraft I have ever completed, which is odd considering that I have been modelling for 35 years. Therefore deciding on her camouflage scheme was fairly […]

Never Built a Luftwaffe Aircraft…

Using Photoshop Techniques for Finishing the 1/32 Bf 109 G-2 by Anders Hjortsberg Introduction I returned to this hobby about a year and half ago after something like a 13 year break, give or take a year… For some years now I’ve been doing paint schemes for flight simulator games […]

Grislawski’s Yellow 10

1:72 Fujimi Tachikawa Ki 55 (Ida) by Mark Davies   The Ki 55 was the trainer development of the diminuitive Tachikawa Ki 36 army co-operation aircraft. Although the opartional career of the Ki 36 was fairly short, its excellent handling characteristics and solid reliability made the Japanese Army realize that it was ideal for […]

Japanese Harvard

by Rafi Ben-Shahar Unlike the Luftwaffe aircraft, Allied aircraft often lacked the diversity in camouflage schemes and conspicuous field modifications. As a result, the modeller is frequently limited to a few representative schemes that cover the majority of aircraft in Allied service. This predicament is particularly disturbing when one comes across excellent […]

Variations to the Tamiya 1/48 Corsair

Bringing the Old Testors F-104C Kit up to Modern Standards by Alejandro Nuñez   The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter was one of the most extreme designs of ”Kelly” Johnson, Lockheed’s famous chief designer. It grew out of the combat experience of the Korean conflict, where many of the American pilots felt that the […]

With Plastic Card and Kitchen Foil

text: Uschi van der Rosten Images: Uschi van der Rosten Transcribed by Lars Befring with permission by Uschi van der Rosten   Eduard PE instrument panel, burnished with UvdR-1 burnishing agent and partly polished.   More panels! A blue print has been printed and fit to size, working as a guide for panel […]

Horten Go-229 in 1/72 by Uschi van der Rosten