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Competition prizes

In each class a Winner is selected. In addition a number of Honorary Mentions and Special Honorary Mentions are awarded on the discretion of the head judge.

Special prizes awarded by IPMS Stockholm

A Connecticut Yankee at King Gustaf’s Court (perpetual trophy)

The Achiever prize

Jan Mickol’s Memorial Prize, for the “crispest” model (perpetual trophy)

The Audience Prize

Best in show

Special prizes awarded by other clubs, organisations, and individuals

The Honorary Prize of the Commander of the Air Force (perpetual trophy)

The Prize of the Swedish Aviation Historical Society

The Prize of Capital City Modelers: “Wheels and Engines”

The Prize of C4-Open

The Prize of Modell Göteborg

The Daedalus Prize of Jens Lindell/Hobbyimporten

The Viggen Prize of Alfa Hobby

The Ministuff Prize

The Prize of Arsenalen, The Swedish Tank Museum, senior and junior (perpetual trophy)

The Cheburashka prize for best model of a Soviet subject, given by Mikaels Byström and Vannestam

The Humour Prize of Kai-Mikael Jää-Aro and Ulf Lundberg