08-Open Special exhibitions

In recent years we have noticed an increase in the  exhibition part, even though we have a long road ahead to the size you can see in the continental competitions. An exhibition serves the purpose that anyone is be able to show their models. We want to see many and fun models. The cut-throat  competition will shine by its absence. All builders, young and old, just-for-fun-builders and competition fanatics can display their models. We will have three special exhibitions: Matchbox, the Special Interest Guy and the theme exhibition. These are pure exhibitions, without any judging, we do however require advance registration of the models.

Many models are built each year to participate in competitions. When the  competion season is over  the model will be put into the display cabinet (or in the worst case, in the closet) and will never be taken  out to be  seen again. Participating in exhibitions alters the picture. We want to see many models, new and old, and have  the  opportunity of a dialogue with the builder.

Matchbox SIG Matchbox logga

Matchbox has a place in every model builder’s heart, many still remember their first Matchbox model in multicolored plastic. Matchbox was unique in many ways and gave out items that we did not even know existed. Matchbox has long since discontinued as a  manufacturer, although Revell sometimes re-issue the old Matchbox moulds under their own name. The goal of this recurring exhibition is to show off all Matchbox models, so if you have an old Matchbox model  in your display cabinet,  bring it along  or build the old kit that has remained at the bottom of the closet for years. If it says Matchbox on the box or moulds  the model is welcome at the exhibition.

Some photos from the Matchbox SIG in 2013:

USS_Indianapolis_CA-35_130406 Vought_F4U_Corsair_130406 Noorduyn_Norseman_130406

M16_Halftrack_130406 Douglas_SBD_Dauntless_130406 Grumman_Hellcat_Yellow_130406

Hawker_Hunter_T7_130406 Heinkel_He_115_130406

This year’s theme: The journey

The special theme of the year is the journey, so we expect models related to travel, but alternative interpretations are sure to appear.

There will be a non-competing exhibition on the journey theme as well.

Special exhibition, ”Work in Progress”

This year we thought that even those modelbuilders that have difficulties in completing a model would get a chance to show what they are working on. As a test this year will will have an exhibition with the theme ”Work in Progress”.

WIP on Me-110C 1/72 Markus Hedelin

WIP on Me-110C 1/72 Markus Hedelin

We believe that there are quite a large number of interesting projects/models under construction that shows different ideas, techniques and solutions that can be displayed and and discussed and commented with and by other builders. Here every builder gets a chanche to show what they are working on despite the fact that it is not finished. This way every builder can participate in 08-Open.

We still want a registration of your models so that we can better plan our tablespace.

Special Interest Guy

The Special Interest Guy of the year is Pål Björkman, with a long history of modelling.